The supplements based on adiponectin

The supplements based on adiponectin


Sometimes we are so busy in our daily life that we do not have enough time to know our body and what, already inside our body, can help us lose weight .

In fact, we are talking about a hormone, with the impressive name adiponectin , which oxidizes our fats and which can help us understand how our body burns fat during physical activity and not.

We will also talk about  supplements with adiponectin  that serve to speed up the process and activate leptin , the hormone that regulates the sense of hunger and satiety.

List of supplements that stimulate adiponectin

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Now let’s see specifically what adiponectin is.

The adiponectin hormone

Adiponectin hormone is the hormone also called hunter’s hormone .

During the prehistoric period in which the Homo Sapiens were looking for prey to find on foot, after the winter season, once spring arrived, men went hunting and fishing again after the period of forced rest.

For the hunt to be successful, men obviously needed to lose weight quickly, so the fat accumulations of winter with renewed and hard physical activity activated this hormone which was used to oxidize the fats accumulated in the cold season quickly.

And this hormone was also used to activate and control the hormone leptin, which is what regulates our states of hunger and satiety .

This hormone, if taken in quantity also thanks to dosages linked not so much to food but to supplements on the market, serves to regulate and accelerate the regulation of sugars and the catabolism of fatty acids.

So try to give yourself a good boost of energy with a natural supplement like African Mango or Ogbono.

The extract of this fruit helps in the elimination of fats and affects the metabolic parameters.

Having inside proteins that serve to develop both leptin and adiponectin, the fruit is perfect for weight loss and also helps a lot in lowering cholesterol.

Two pills a day are enough, to buy online, such as supplements on  or in herbal medicine, always on a full stomach.


Adiponectin and supplements with adiponectin to use every day are a relatively recent discovery in the world of diets but the use of this hormone is even brought back to prehistoric times, with the primitives who used the fat reserves of their body to resist. in winter and then to speed up the metabolism quickly when it was necessary to have a slimmer body.

I’m talking about adiponectin to tell you that sometimes we look for solutions that have been part of our organism since the dawn of time in external, expensive and useless tools.

It is enough to have more knowledge of your body, without believing too much in fashion trends but really thinking about doing something that can be good for you, which we already have within us.

Only the stimulation of these hormones would make our life easier. And an all-natural supplement like African mango is perfect for this purpose.

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