How your ability to think positively affects weight loss

How your ability to think positively affects weight loss

Did you know that saying “ I want to lose weight ” is not enough to reach the ideal weight shape?

Positive thinking plays a significant role in your weight loss efforts .

On the other hand, perpetuating negative thoughts can lead to self-destructive behaviors that damage the good result in weight loss.

Positive thinking, my friends, is the first motivation!

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Positive thinking and weight loss

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Having positive thinking is a skill, a kind of surplus that makes life easier.

A negative attitude can cause everything that follows to be negative.

Not accepting criticism, blaming yourself too much for unhealthy food, giving up at the first difficulty during physical activity, that’s what’s wrong.

When you have a negative self-image, it steals a lot of energy.

When you feel helpless, depressed, or unmotivated, it’s easy to decide to skip your daily workout or eat a bag of chips to feel better.

Recognizing these moments of weakness and turning these thoughts into something positive can help you reach your weight goals faster.

Strategies to Increase Positive Thinking

How your ability to think positively affects weight loss

A common answer to those who should think more positively is: be honest with yourself, don’t say you’re okay if this isn’t true, don’t think about indulging in your excuses but do something true and sincere for yourself.

The trick is to keep a food and emotional diary point by point and also a planner of the training you are doing.

It is important to make efforts that are proportional to what you are doing, without thinking about climbing Nanga Parbat on the first day of training or never eating again.

Start walking for a while or start putting less sugar in your coffee or giving up on the second piece of pizza.

Positive thinking and manageable goal setting

I found this video on YouTube, and given the high number of likes I decided to add it to this article.

Use it with caution 🙂

A negative attitude, to go back to the last thing I’m talking about, is that you are faced with a diet plan that would make you lose 5 pounds in a week.

It is very difficult for you to succeed and this only brings you down.

Try to pursue achievable goals without extreme measures.

Weigh yourself every week, not every minute.

Eat healthy, do not go the way of fasting and try to motivate yourself to the goal every day.


There is no need for many words to try to increase positive thoughts at the expense of negative ones.

And this is not just for losing weight but for living life in a better way.

We use what we have available to feel better about ourselves and with what we eat, we try to make our life easier with a method and an emotional parachute system that will not make us collapse to the ground.

We try to be happy little by little, and then think we are better in the long run.

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