Crossfit and weight loss training program

Crossfit and weight loss training program

Speed ​​and intensity: these are the keywords of crossfit training to challenge yourself and keep in perfect shape.

In the world of fitness, a powerful bomb has exploded: crossfit training is making more and more fans of physical culture fall in love with it and those who are simply looking for fast and high intensity workouts .

A training method that in a very short time manages to train every single muscle in the body perfectly.

No, we are not talking about the classic training methods of a common gym, but about a really strong workout and out of the common fitness standards.

[sc name = “SLIMMING”]Willpower, strength and lots of sweat: this is crossfit training!

Specifically, this is a very particular mix, made up of a set of movements ( classic and unconventional exercises) to be performed at high intensity: physical and mental resistance are really put to the test.

The wod , as crossfit training is called, is not aimed at a single part of the body, but its only purpose is to train the entire musculature and do it as hard as possible.

Surely many will wonder if this particular way of training and testing one’s abilities is useful for losing those much hated extra pounds and those rolls, which seem to be glued to the waist.

The answer is yes: crossfit training for weight loss is one of the best ways to get back in shape and feel stronger than ever.

Yes, it is certainly not a training suitable for everyone, but if determination and willpower are the pillars of one’s being, all that remains is to try.

Crossfit training for weight loss: how to train

Abandon the usual patterns and, perhaps, even too boring exercises: with the crossfit wods the music changes completely.


Dumbbells, rings, running, rowing machine, rope, pull-up bars, heavy barbells (don’t worry, everything can be related to weight and degree of preparation) climbing, moving heavy loads, kettlebels and lots of free body exercises will become yours best friends, ready to take you by the hand and lead you quickly to your goal .

So what are the best crossfit exercises for weight loss?

It is impossible to draw up a complete list, given that these strong workouts are characterized by a high loss of calories due to the great variety of exercises they offer: a single exercise can also be performed in different ways, depending on the goal of the wod.

Just take a look at SmartWorkout to get a clearer idea of ​​what it means to practice crossfit.

All the exercises that fall within the crossfit universe are ideal for losing weight.

Having clarified that following a specific weight loss and crossfit training program is ideal for losing weight, a small question arises among the many tools to use: what to eat?

No particular sacrifices, just a lot of attention to portions and excess sugars.

Meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits are the perfect foods to associate with these particular workouts.

While, starches and sugars must be almost zero.

All, of course, respecting portions that are not too abundant.

That’s all? Certain.

Crossfit training: how many benefits!

Many training modes, many benefits : crossfit training is ideal not only for losing weight or regaining maximum tone of your muscles, since it is the whole body that changes.

In what sense?

Thanks to the heavy but targeted wods, the body will literally be able to change: endurance, strength, flexibility, agility, balance and much more.

But, the positivity of crossfit training is not only measured in a marked improvement in the capabilities of one’s body, but also in the nervous system: the concentration to be held to complete the session and to reconcile the different  physical activities,  all grouped in a only training, they also help the mind to train in the right way.

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