How to reprogram your metabolism in 5 steps

How to reprogram your metabolism in 5 steps

Weight problems and the feeling that everything we eat is going where it shouldn’t, in the form of unwanted pounds ?

If we suspect that we have a slow metabolism, before we go looking for strange tricks to speed it up like drinking a cup of green tea and taking a fabulous supplement that will do us nothing but streamline our wallet, it is good to stop for a moment. And maybe thinking that slow metabolism is often not the cause of our extra pounds , it is somehow the consequence.

Given that people with slow metabolisms also lose weight like others , only more slowly, and even those with polycystic ovary syndrome and thyroiditis, two conditions that are often associated with being overweight, the fact that you have a tendency to gain weight does not necessarily mean. that you have a slow metabolism . But that there is something that does not allow you to burn calories properly.
Or that you simply eat too much.

Now, eating too much is not a drama.
But if we eat too much and at the same time eat the wrong things , the risk of gaining weight is double, because it is associated with other risks: high cholesterol, high triglycerides, etc.
There is a way to reprogram the metabolism and correct these errors in order to gradually reduce weight naturally.

And in this article I’ll explain 5 things to do to reprogram your metabolism.

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