Guacamole cheese is born

Guacamole cheese is born

I had already talked about it for the “avocado toast” chocolate.

It seems that the avocado business knows no setbacks: and new products, healthy or not, are entering the international market (and will soon be available here too).

In America, the Fresh Market chain is in fact selling a new product that has aroused many curiosities and also sparked many controversies: the guacamole cheese, produced by the Amanti company, which offers Dutch cheeses (like Gouda), in various flavors. And today he proposes the one with guacamole.


After having “digested” the news, let’s see in detail what guacamole cheese is.
And if it seems an “exotic” thing to us but we are curious to try it because you are a gourmet palate and we want to amaze our guests, do not worry.
At the end of the article I give you a link to be able to prepare it at home .

Guacamole cheese is a gouda with avocado pulp, chili, lime juice, dehydrated onion and garlic, tomato extract. Basically the ingredients of guacamole.
It therefore has no artificial flavors, it is all natural. And you can eat it like this or melt it to accompany tortillas, just like you do with gouda.
Of course, we rightly imagine that it is fat: but the combination of avocado and cheese gives us the monounsaturated fats of the avocado (that is, those of olive oil) and reduces the saturated ones of the cheese. So it’s not as bad as you might think, quite the opposite.


And if we want a diet recipe to create something similar but low in fat, we can make a guacamole cheese at home using fresh avocado and Greek yogurt, and adding chilli, a little dehydrated onion or garlic powder, and a tip of a teaspoon. of tomato extract.
The result will be creamy and spreadable, certainly not to be cut into slices.
Here the customizable recipe on the Giallo Zafferano blog. 

The curious can make it at home and enjoy it spread on bread, with only 171 calories per 100 grams against the almost 400 of gouda.

We can also do it in a vegan way: just use young, creamy tofu, which is sold in organic shops or ethnic shops (Demeter brand), instead of Greek yogurt.

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