How to reduce appetite in 5 natural ways

How to reduce appetite in 5 natural ways

Are there any tricks that allow us to reduce our appetite? Yes, and there are more than you can imagine. In this article, I will list 5 really effective ones that will cut calories in half for lunch and dinner without going on a particular diet. Two of these can also work between meals, to avoid snacking too many throughout the day.
Let’s see them together.


The fiber trick.

At the beginning of a meal, it consists of being satisfied with a food rich in fiber, which is also low in calories.

Of the fiber-rich foods you can try, try starting your meal with two raw carrots, which you need to munch whole before touching any other food. Or with spaghetti or shirataki rice, made from konjac fiber or glucomannan, which you can dress with just two tablespoons of tomato sauce.

In both cases you will be satiated with a food that will give you no more than 50-100 calories and you will realize that you only have room for one other dish, which can be based on a protein food such as meat or fish with a side of vegetables and a handful of pasta or rice.

Other foods that work are: a plate of pleurotus mushrooms, grilled or stir-fried with only spices and herbs that have the advantage of being callused and satiating; or an apple of about 200 grams including the peel, eaten whole and not in wedges.

Eat spicy or hot

Whether you eat a very spicy food or a hot one, such as soup, you tend to eat much slower than normal. Spicy food based on chilli or strong paprika also has the advantage of raising the body temperature through the action of capsaicin, so a little more calories are burned. Clearly, if we have a sensitive intestine, neither of these two options, that is hot or hot, are good. 

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