1400 calorie weekly Mediterranean diet

1400 calorie weekly Mediterranean diet

Here is a 1400 calorie weekly Mediterranean diet menu developed by nutritionist Giovanna Caselli, dietician, who has the advantage of being simple and varied and leaving one day free, Sunday, in which to eat everything but in moderation. A 1400 calorie diet is suitable for sedentary overweight women, for women over 40 and want to lose about 2-3 kg per month, for women looking for a 6-day diet to do safely. I therefore publish here Dr. Caselli’s
1400 calorie weekly Mediterranean diet .


What to eat.

  1. Three daily servings of unrefined carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, grains.
  2. 3 servings of fruit per day (80 grams) and 6 servings of vegetables.
  3. 2 servings of milk and dairy products per day
  4. 5-6 portions of fish per week, especially blue
  5. 4 portions of white meat per week
  6. Three portions of olives, legumes, nuts a week
  7. 3 servings of eggs per week
  8. Three servings of tubers a week
  9. 3 portions of desserts per week, plus: free aromatic herbs and spices, olive oil for seasoning.
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