How to have white teeth

How to have white teeth

Some natural remedies allow you to have whiter teeth by exploiting the characteristics of special abrasive pastes, some plants or particular herbs that are used for do-it-yourself treatments. We therefore take advantage of classic whitening agents that eliminate stains that have appeared on the teeth . An example is the one that comes from fresh sage: it is enough to rub a few leaves on the outermost surface of the teeth to get the first visible results. On the market, then, you can find numerous ad hoc products, in the form of masks, sprays, self-adhesive strips, gels or fluorescent pigments.

The effects of bleaching agents

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It should be borne in mind, however, that in some cases the whitening agents can have contraindications or side effects : for example by inflaming the gums or irritating the teeth. For this reason, they are not recommended for people who have gum and dental hypersensitivity problems ; they should also not be used by children under the age of 14 or pregnant women. In such circumstances, it is best to contact professionals in the sector such as those who can be contacted by going to the website , so as to be sure to whiten your teeth without risk.

Why do teeth change color

The white color of the teeth has many enemies: among them are, for example, chlorhexidine-based mouthwashes, cigarette smoking , aging and various foods. Just think of the food pigments found in red wine, those of spinach, those present in licorice, those of tea and those of coffee; but there are also many other products, including beverages, which contain artificial colors that have the same consequences. It should also be noted that usually the color of the canines is more intense than that of the other teeth.

Tooth enamel

The enamel is translucent, while the color shades of the teeth depend on the dentin, and can be yellowish, reddish or grayish. The enamel itself, on the other hand, is resistant, but at the same time porous: for this reason it can be crossed by particles and substances that risk causing a chromatic change . Furthermore, the yellowish color of the tartar must be taken into account, which represents the evolution of the deposition of dental plaque caused by inadequate oral hygiene. And so, either because of the colored particles of drinks and food, or because of the lack of adequate cleaning of the teeth, the white color of the smile becomes a distant memory.


The first remedy to resort to is represented by a professional scaling , which serves to remove the deposits of tartar due to which the whites of the teeth are compromised. Among other things, scaling not only serves to make the teeth appear more beautiful, but plays a valuable preventive action , reducing the likelihood of suffering from periodontal diseases or gingivitis, which can be a source of bad breath.

The whitening treatment

Once the scaling has been carried out, you can proceed with a whitening treatment, performed with various techniques. In most cases, bleaching agents are used which contain a high percentage of the active ingredient. Generally, the cost of a bleaching session is never less than 300 euros, for a duration of about an hour. For a few hours after the treatment it is possible that a certain dentinal sensitivity is perceived, which in any case is destined to disappear in a short time. The chromatic shades of the teeth , however, also depend on genetic characteristics (a bit like the color of the eyes and that of the hair): simply, someone has them a little whiter than others because they are more fortunate.

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