Spirulina algae: what it is and how to use it to lose weight

Spirulina algae: what it is and how to use it to lose weight

Still little known, spirulina algae is an ingredient of natural origin that has numerous health benefits .  

Spirulina belongs to the family of cyanobacteria, or blue-green microalgae, which appeared on Earth about 3.5 billion years ago; these single-celled organisms, capable of photosynthesis, are at the basis of the development of all terrestrial plants and have also led to the birth of aerobic living beings since the particular use of photosynthesis has made it possible to transform a non-breathable atmosphere into a viable environment also for organisms that breathe oxygen.

It is estimated that 90% of the oxygen currently present on Earth (about 330 billion tons) comes from algae.

Spirulina algae is found on all 4 continents in over 1,500 different species, of which only 36 are edible. 

Spirulina is also found in the Sinai desert, where a few drops of water are enough to “awaken” it; in fact, once dried, this alga is transformed into small particles that can be very well preserved.

The consumption of spirulina dates back at least to the reign of the Aztec emperor Montezuma who was so fond of fish that he would have sent his emissaries to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico (300 km away from the capital of the kingdom), just to be able to taste delicious fish. fresh. 

It is said that to support the effort of this enterprise, the emissaries of Montezuma resorted to the energizing properties of the dried Spirulina algae.  

Unfortunately, Mexican spirulina sources disappeared upon the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores who drained all the lakes where the seaweed naturally grew to create pastures and farmland for the cultivation of corn and tomatoes. 

In 1960, a French engineer took over a sodium hydroxide manufacturing plant in Mexico and had to deal with a “strange” blue-green formation that penetrated the machines and inhibited their normal functionality. After some analysis, the man was able to identify that formation as spirulina algae. 

Benefits of Spirulina algae in weight loss

Spirulina is an algae low in calories and rich in proteins with remarkable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, capable of soothing the sense of hunger and increasing fat mobilization by reducing blood sugar and blood pressure. 

This is why more and more people are using spirulina to lose weight quickly :

1. Low in calories

One tablespoon (7 g) of dried spirulina algae contains only 20 calories. Consuming low calorie foods is crucial if you want to lose weight as it helps create a negative energy balance. In this regard, it is possible to add dried spirulina to a smoothie or morning orange juice to promote fat absorption and improve daily metabolism. 

2. Rich in protein

When it comes to weight loss, a low-carb, high-protein diet can work great for most people. Spirulina contains around 60-70% protein, as well as all essential amino acids.

Proteins take longer to be absorbed than simple carbohydrates, so spirulina can satisfy the sense of satiety for a much longer time than other carbohydrate foods. In addition, the proteins present in spirulina algae help build lean muscle mass, improve fitness and increase muscle strength and tone. 

3. Highly nutritious

Spirulina is rich in vitamins C, B1, B6, B5 and E, minerals such as copper, zinc and manganese, useful enzymes and many dietary fibers that make it a perfect supplement for weight loss. These elements help digestion and metabolism, eliminate toxins and prevent the absorption of fats.

4. Numerous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Spirulina has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help counteract the damage caused by free radicals by preventing the body from producing pro-inflammatory molecules. The presence of gastrointestinal inflammation is one of the main causes of weight gain, a problem that the intake of spirulina algae can help to solve. 

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