Weight loss: the discoveries of the last few years

Weight loss: the discoveries of the last few years

2014 was the first year of my blog, and I wrote and told you the impossible about diets, weight loss, lightning diets, health and wellness, with some excursus even in cosmetic surgery.

Well, I want to recap with you everything important that has been discovered in recent years about diets: all the important news on weight loss but also all the particular stories that have come out in recent years .

You will need some things if you want to go on a diet soon or right away, because these are useful breakthroughs in the battle against the extra pounds.


  1. Those who work at night burn fewer calories and have a higher risk of metabolic syndrome.
    It is not a question of slow metabolism, but slowed down by nocturnal activity. Those who work at night tend to burn fewer calories, so they must be careful not to eat in a disorderly way, especially since overall they sleep much less and have a lower quality sleep than at night. Which translates into a tendency to gain more weight.
    The solution? Healthy eating, and protein-based diurnal meals, while at night with a low glycemic index.
    This is the ideal diet for shift workers. 
  2. Gut bacteria determine how much you will gain and lose weight.
    In recent years, bacterial flora has returned to the center of attention due to its important role in weight loss. Eating fermented foods, using probiotics and enzymes in case of intestinal problems makes you lose weight and improves the immune system. To find out more, here is the intestinal diet. 
  3. Java coffee and cottage cheese make you lose weight if you take them like this: other news you may have missed. Coffee from Java causes 15 percent more weight than regular coffee, according to a study, especially when drunk after exercising. And before exercising, a cottage cheese snack will burn more calories during your workout.
  4. Obesity as an autoimmune disease.
    This is the news of some researchers, who have established commonalities between obese people from birth and autoimmune diseases.
  5. Optimistic women lose weight more easily.
    Optimistic women lose weight more easily, especially after menopause, according to a study, because they tend to take better care of themselves and make healthier food choices.
  6. Discover the new good fats.
    They are called FAHFAs , and they are lipids that tend to keep insulin under control, promoting weight loss. Scientists have found that people with low dosages of these lipids tend to gain weight.
  7. The umami taste tends to fill us up earlier.
    The umami taste, a kind of sweet and sour taste typical of Parmesan cheese and soy sauce, classified as one of the tastes identified by our taste buds, tends to make us feel more satiated and satisfied. To learn more, see Umami Diet for Weight Loss and Hunger Reduction.
  8. Those discriminated against for weight tend to put on more weight.
    Those who are ashamed of their weight or are discriminated against for fatness tend to never lose weight, but to gain weight more and more. Good motivational therapy is thought to be the most important step in changing diet and habits for those who are ashamed or ashamed of their weight.
  9. More fruits and vegetables increase mental well-being.
    More fruits and vegetables in the diet are linked to a lower tendency to depression. Eating products from the earth makes you feel happier.
  10. Protein alone lowers the glycemic index of meals. Not the fibers, not the fats. The discovery was made as early as 2017, and I have summarized in this article everything that was reviewed today on the glycemic index. 

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