How to do nasal washes

How to do nasal washes

There are those who learn it through yoga, some from their child’s pediatrician and someone even in the hospital: doing nasal washes is a practice that prevents many ailments brought by the cold, here are all the techniques and how to do them best.

How to do nasal washes

Nasal washes with physiological solution

Let’s assume that often in pharmacies or children’s shops they will try to sell “practical plastic vials, comfortable and disposable” to do nasal washes for you or your child.

True, yes, but for those who want to look further and save plastic and money, while keeping the contents intact, you can very well use the classic glass bowl of physiological solution .

A syringe is used to aseptically withdraw it and then, with another syringe without a needle, the water is pushed through the nostrils. Yes, because a first recommended practice, especially for newborns , is this: nasal washes with physiological .

The child or infant lies on its side, the syringe is obviously filled without a needle depending on the dose recommended for the age and pushes from one side and then the other.

The head must be well supported, so the water mechanics, as indicated in this  excellent tutorial on nasal washes , will wash away the dirt well without discomfort. The removal of secretions, a fundamental final step,  can then be done either with the practical aspirator for younger children, or by blowing the nose for older ones. 

The saline bowl can be stored in the refrigerator , remembering to take out some at least an hour before use. 

Nasal washes according to the Jala Neti practice

It comes from Hatha Yoga and is a practice that purifies the upper airways , it is called ala Neti , irrigation or natural nasal washing . The container used to make it is called Neti Lota and is a kind of small teapot made of plastic, ceramic or other material with a spout.

You fill the container with warm salty water , even better if with Himalayan pink salt , you position yourself on a sink, tilting your head and letting the water flow in one nostril and drain out of the other, breathing with your mouth.

He then blows his nose vigorously. Constant daily practice in the morning or evening is recommended in case of colds. Here also in this case a useful video tutorial on Jala Neti practice . 

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The nasal douche with the nebulizer

The dynamic nasal wash with a spray or, even better, with the convenient electric nebulizer that can be connected to the aerosol makes the nasal wash even more delicate and practical to use, especially when, in addition to the physiological one, it is necessary to use hypertonic saline . or increase with medicines or other products.

There are many machines for nebulization and nasal shower on the market, effective alternatives to the common aerosol therapy: sometimes you just need a little patience and constancy of use. 

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