Performance anxiety: natural remedies

Performance anxiety: natural remedies

Performance anxiety is a disorder that can be generated by many causes: insecurity, depression, hormonal changes, sexual failures. Treatments are difficult terrain, but natural remedies can support specialist therapies and strengthen self-esteem. Let’s find out

Performance anxiety: natural remedies

Never before has we heard about performance anxiety as in these modern times , and often it also affects very young men. The stress of an increasingly hectic life, increasingly ” demanding “, where you cannot fail, you cannot go wrong, where everything is “social” to excesses, everything is online, puts a strain on even what should be there. most natural act in the world, which has been perpetuated for centuries.

Perhaps this general overexposure of sexuality also creates unattainable myths, which destabilize the self-esteem above all of men.

Performance anxiety and subsequent erectile dysfunction and / or premature ejaculation go hand in hand and fuel a vicious circle that must be broken.

First of all it is good to contact specialized professionals , first of all to your doctor, without shame and useless modesty; they will certainly be able to give the right advice to start a correct path aimed at rebalancing a condition of psycho-physical imbalance.

From a herbal point of view, we can assist this process with the help of some natural remedies that on the one hand help to calm the psychological tension and the consequent release of adrenaline and noradrenaline, hormones that activate the sympathetic nervous system with symptoms of tachycardia, sweating, motor difficulties, and on the other support physical performance and indirectly help to quell the worry of not being able to satisfy one’s partner.

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Anxiety and fears? The strength of Korean Ginseng

Ginseng is an adaptogenic remedy that allows you to deal with anxious conditions, demanding performances, modulating emotional states and through the solicitation of the release of cortisol, the stress hormone, supports the body in the event of demanding situations.

Like the Ginkgo Biloba that we see shortly, Korean Ginseng has a vasodilating action and improves the blood supply to the corpora cavernosa; possesses aphrodisiac properties, awakens both male and female libido.

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Erectile dysfunction? Energy with Gingko Biloba

If the basic problem that triggers the anxiety was of a circulatory nature, Ginkgo Biloba could be the most suitable remedy, aimed at improving erectile function.

Ginkgo leaves are rich in flavonoids and terpenes capable of promoting vasodilation and oxygenation: more specifically, it increases the peripheral vascular flow in the cavernous bodies and relaxes the smooth muscles.

It also stimulates sexual desire and can also be used by women as an aphrodisiac tonic .

We release the libido with Tribulus

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant known for its property of stimulating the production of androgens ; it would favor the awakening of the libido and the hormonal rebalancing of testosterone and the like thanks to the presence of protodioscin contained in the seeds. Furthermore, it appears to have a positive effect on the intracavernous pressure of the penis.

Some studies have provided encouraging results, others have denied extraordinary powers; as always, the truth lies in the middle and above all in the good sense of the user and the honesty of the seller: nothing is miraculous and decisive, but it can help people who suffer from a deficient hormone production. A tip for buying: always choose a standardized tribulus extract in protodioscin .

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