PAC, a simple and effective weight loss diet

PAC, a simple and effective weight loss diet

Are you looking for a simple and effective diet to lose weight? Today I’m talking to you about PAC, acronym for Prise Alimentaire Condensée , a French method to lose weight quickly and effectively through the simplest model of intermittent fasting, that of eight hours. Designed by Sofia Keler, the Pac method is a quick and easy diet to lose weight: simple because you eat what you want, and essentially there are no yes or no foods.

Fast because in thirty days it promises to make you lose about 6 kilos, and it can continue for a further time: Sofia explains on her website that she has thus lost the 18 kilos of her pregnancy, without regaining them. Simple because this diet is based on very few rules , and she teaches you to eat according to your sense of hunger. Since the PAC method is essentially a 16/8 intermittent fasting, it has all the advantages of this weight loss protocol, namely:
greater insulin sensitivity
less sense of nervous hunger
reduction of weight and body fat
reduction of inflammatory states
reduction obsession with food and nervous hunger

Yes, but the diet, you say?
On page two I reveal the few rules for making this quick and easy diet.

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