How to decrease the belly in 6 steps

How to decrease the belly in 6 steps

How to decrease the belly?
It is not easy to lose weight only on the belly , and many people confuse abdominal bloating with body fat.

  • Men are more likely to have visceral fat than women, and in their case, the body has less difficulty shedding visceral fat with the right combination of diet and training.
  • In women, on the other hand, there is a greater tendency to accumulate subcutaneous fat in the abdominal area, which, combined with swelling, makes the belly unsightly, but which, unlike men, is more difficult to eliminate even with the diet.
    Subcutaneous fat is in fact a stubborn fat. It is not as dangerous as the visceral one, it is difficult to lose it and you have to adopt smarter strategies to try to reduce the belly.


Here are the main dietary and non-dietary strategies.

    • Set a calorie deficit.

      Clearly, if we want to reduce the belly we have to lose weight, or create a situation of caloric deficit whereby the body draws from the stores of fat for energy. The calorie deficit is always personalized. A 1200 calorie diet will be starving for me, it will be perfect for a sixty five foot menopausal woman who is sedentary.
      Understanding the caloric deficit to set is essential for a “targeted” weight loss.
      No to crash diets: Instead, look for an online calculator to assess your current energy needs, and try to cut only ten percent of your needs, while trying to move more. The weight will drop little by little. When stalled, cut your calories by another ten percent. You can starton the 1500 calorie diet described here , and after one month do the 1300 calorie diet for another two weeks.

    • The anti-swelling strategies.

      To make your body burn energy better, start reviewing the bad habits that create a swollen belly, starting with stress, alcohol and cigarette smoking. All things that contribute to creating the bacon . In parallel, review your hydration and slightly reduce your consumption of salt if you eat products that are too rich in it, such as dry foods, snacks, baked goods. Increase your consumption of raw and cooked vegetables and eat peeled fruit. You can find more tips on how to deflate your tummy here .
      And the list of my anti- bloating foods here.

    • Reduce the glycemic load of meals.

      In sedentary people, reducing the glycemic load of meals helps to shrink the belly. But don’t add too much fat to your meals to reduce their impact on blood sugar – focus on lean protein and fiber.
      So instead of a dish of pasta and rice with random seasoning, try eating pasta or rice al dente with vegetables and natural tuna, tofu, chicken or eggs, or balance it with fresh legumes.
      Let’s now see three more subtle and targeted strategies to decrease the belly.

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