MSI, today, announced the VR Boost Kit; this product is intended as an add-on for PC users who wish to facilitate …

MSI , today, announced the  VR Boost Kit ; this product is intended as an add-on for PC users who want to facilitate the VR experience . This kit will allow you to move to the front panel, with a special front panel, the outputs necessary to enjoy the operation of all the latest generation viewers.  It also has a 5.25 ″ form factor. the VR Boost has been designed to be installed on most devices in circulation. Furthermore, in the device, we will find two USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI output.This kit will have an additional silver cover and a bracket to be connected to the back of the case to attach a possible HDMI extension cable to the video card. The Boost Kit can be used on all MSI  motherboards capable of supporting USB 3.0 technology. In addition, it will be compatible with several supported ready video cards.

MSI VR Boost Kit

To take full advantage of all virtual reality, it is required to have a configuration of the latest generation video cards, especially high-end. Video cards such as: GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 X & X, also from the company MSI, will be perfect for a breathtaking VR experience. In addition, the new Gaming App will have a VR function to make it optimize the PC with the use of viewers.

VR Boost Kit

The Gaming App application will allow us not only to select the OC, Gaming and Silent presets in a few moments, but also to access the One-Click function, which will instantly optimize the entire PC process for the use of the viewers. . We will also have two extra functions, the first called EyeRest, which will improve the image quality; The second DragonEye will allow us to follow streaming or videos from Youtube making the MSI system perfectly controllable even from the application alone. It is essential for every gamer, especially for modding lovers, who will be able to manage all the MSI LEDs, with simple clicks between the 5 pre-set modes. We report below at this time, the technical specifications of theVR Boost Kit:

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