Homemade ginseng coffee is healthy

Homemade ginseng coffee is healthy

There was a time when I was crazy about the ginseng coffee in the bar: we are talking about years and years ago, when the fashion for ginseng coffee exploded in Italy . I found it sweet and slightly spicy, but when I realized that in some bars the preparation was sweeter than others, and at times strangely creamier, as always I asked myself the usual question: what the heck do they put in this ginseng coffee? What exactly am I drinking?
Well, the ginseng coffee preparation that we find at the bar or we buy at the supermarket is often enriched with too much sugar, powdered milk, added fats, which can be palm or coconut oil, or a mix of vegetable oils. Not to mention the fact that we do not know if ginseng really exists, in what percentages, and of what type. And that ended my love affair with the ginseng coffee from the bar. In this article we will see how to prepare a healthier ginseng coffee at home, which you can enjoy once or twice a day. I recommend that you first make sure you don’t have any particular problems consuming ginseng.

In fact, ginseng is an adaptogenic and anti-stress plant, generally well tolerated if you do not overdo it with consumption, but should be used carefully in case you suffer from high blood pressure. Adaptogenic plants generally have a mild action, because they act progressively, but if you suffer from high blood pressure it is better to avoid, even at the bar.
If in doubt, always ask your doctor.
If you don’t have blood pressure problems, this homemade ginseng coffee is perfect for keeping blood sugar at bay, has a low glycemic index and hypoglycemic properties , improves intestinal motility.
Here is the recipe.

For a cup of homemade ginseng coffee
50 ml of water, skim milk or unsweetened vegetable drink (personally I am fine with macadamia milk, unsweetened almond milk, but the water is fine), previously heated
a level teaspoon of yacon syrup ( find it here)
a teaspoon tip of soluble Siberian ginseng powder ( find it here )

a pinch of Ceylon cinnamon
half a cup of normal coffee or a cup of decaffeinated coffee. 

Put the hot water (or hot milk), ginseng, cinnamon and coffee in a shaker. Shake the shaker very quickly, pour it into a teacup and sweeten it with the yacon syrup. Drink it right away. Thanks to the shaker you will also have a natural “foaming” effect.
If you don’t have a shaker, mix the two powders first, then add the hot water, coffee and syrup, mixing well before drinking. It can be drunk a maximum of twice a day, and the calories if we prepare it in water are less than 30 per cup, otherwise about 45 with skimmed or vegetable milk. Ginseng coffee should not be drunk all the time , otherwise it loses its beneficial effect. I recommend that you drink it for six weeks, then stop for a month and start over.
If, on the other hand, you want to try ginseng coffee by preparing it in the moka pot, I recommend this brand : it has only three ingredients, including brown sugar, and about 25-30 calories per cup.

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