Green skinny coffee: detoxifying drink

Green skinny coffee: detoxifying drink

This recipe is a stimulating drink, a real “skinny coffee” , like those that are in fashion, but rich in detoxifying substances, with antioxidant properties, and rich in omega3 and medium chain fats, which favor a good functioning of the metabolism. The ideal is to drink this detoxifying drink in the morning instead of the usual coffee or cappuccino, which is why I called it “green skinny coffe”: because it is a perfect substitute for coffee, but green in color. Perfect for detoxifying the liver, boosting immunity, helping metabolism.
I got the recipe from The Nourished Kitchen,simplifying it a bit (the original recipe also includes powdered collagen, difficult to find in Italy, although below I give you a purchase link for a similar product in order to have the identical recipe).

For two cups
Calories per cup: 35

200 ML of water
20 g (two tablespoons) of coconut milk with 50/60 percent concentration (
Rapunzel, Aroy-D, Lotus flower: you can find them organic or online)
a teaspoon of spirulina powder
a teaspoon of rice malt, barley or a teaspoon of honey: you can also use stevia (in this case the calories are reduced to twenty per serving)
two teaspoons of matcha powder 

Note: If you want to follow the original recipe , add a scoop of vanilla-flavored collagen peptides  all over and increase the dose of water to 300ml. The calories go up to 80 per cup, but with 11 grams of protein. Find it here. 

Procedure : in a saucepan heat the water with the malt or honey, while in a teapot or in a small jug (or other liquid container) mix the cold coconut milk with the matcha and spirulina powder ( ratio 2: 1), and possibly the collagen peptides.
Pour the hot water into the mix of milk and green powders, mix well with a teaspoon and divide the Green Skinny Coffee into two cups. Drink immediately.

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