Why can’t I lose weight despite eating little? Part Three

Why can’t I lose weight despite eating little? Part Three

This is the third article on the topic ” why I can’t lose weight while eating little ” ( here and here the first and second part), in which I explain all the best-known reasons why people, even if they eat little or believe they eat little, do not they lose weight . In this article, after having talked about calories, metabolism and physical activity in the first two, we see the chapter on macronutrients, or rather the share of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that make up our daily diet.

After calories, if we want to lose weight we must in fact consider the correct distribution of macronutrients, that is, the quantity of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to eat that is ideal for us to make us lose weight.
If you are unable to lose weight, for example, it is very likely that you are in a type A or B situation.  Type A: you have had a lot of protein diets, you have lost weight, you have gained weight with maintenance and every time you eat carbohydrates you risk gaining weight. If you are type A , you have been on a carbohydrate-free diet for too long – this has compromised your thyroid health in the long run ( source ), and thus your metabolism has stalled. Diets low in carbohydrates, if continued for a long time, create a stressful situation for the body , and excess cortisol , the main stress hormone, hinders our weight loss.
In this case, a solution could be to get used to carbohydrates again by adding them to the diet little by little. This process of increasing carbohydrates little by little is called the reverse diet, and below you can find a guide on how to set it up. Another idea could be to alternate in the first few weeks days in which you eat more carbohydrates, for example two portions of fruit, to days without carbohydrates but only with proteins and fats.
The days when you eat more carbohydrates you can move more, walk and be more active and gradually you can increase the carbohydrate quota by adding bread, pasta, potatoes and something sweet with the foresight to choose only one food per meal. For example, if you eat fruit for breakfast, don’t combine bread as well, or if you eat pasta for lunch, don’t combine fruit or crackers. This process is called carb cycling, and below is an example of a diet. On the other hand, if you belong to type B, you tend to cut calories, but underestimate the importance of proteins and end up eating too many carbohydrates.In this case, the obstacle to your weight loss may be in the excess of carbohydrates, which leads your body to convert excess sugar into fat if you are a sedentary subject, while in all probability you eat too little protein to maintain the lean mass when you go on a diet. In this case, the Zone diet and the low glycemic index diet can be useful strategies to make you lose weight , and below you will find links to try them.In general, we see useful recommendations for all those who cannot lose weight: 

  1. first of all , favor physical activity , doing half-hour sessions a day or at least one hour three times a week. Below are examples in links.
  2. Secondly, remember that if you reduce calories, protein must increase to maintain lean mass , so eat a protein food for every meal, such as Greek yogurt for breakfast, meat or fish, or eggs for lunch and dinner. For vegans, good seitan, tofu, wheat muscle, tempeh, lupine-based products, which are very protein legumes.
  3. For most people, eating smaller meals helps keep their glycemic and insulin loads at bay , but to push the body to burn better the energy we provide it, it’s best not to eat too calorie-dense meals that have both a lot of sugar than a lot of fat. For example, a marinara pizza is better than a four cheese, or a plate burger with a salad and fruit is better than a hamburger bun with fries.
    By doing this, you will increase your metabolic flexibility . If you want to share the video, here is the video version of this article. Below all the insights:
    If you are a type A , how to remedy:
    Reverse diet , the guide.
    The Carbs Cycling method.
    If you are type B:
    The Zone
    diet The Low Glycemic Index diet
    For everyone:  fitness tips to lose weight with just a few minutes of exercise a day.
    Increase metabolic flexibility.

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