Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

garciniapillsI read uplifting reviews about Garcinia Cambogia written in the Digital Journal, a news blog, which in turn reported a piece of news from another news site, which in turn carried a press release , provided by the company that sells the herbal supplements. Garcinia Cambogia. This made me think two things: one, that on the internet the boundary between news and press release is really blurred , and only the skilled reader who goes to look for the source understands that what one reads is actually conveyed by a sponsor, therefore not objective; two, that perhaps I have never told you about Garcinia Cambogia , and that maybe if you have come here you want to know if it works or not to lose weight, since you may have heard of it.
Yes, you have heard good things about it: but from the companies that try to sponsor it to sell its supplements . However, the peel of this tropical plant (hence the mangosteen fruit) in theory really makes you lose weight: that there is an ingredient with a slimming power has been proven, so it is possible that, beyond the marketing screams, due to of the presence of hydroxycitric acid , Garcinia prevents the formation (or blocks it) of cholesterol and lipids in the body. In short: it prevents the sugars from turning into fat, and therefore the pounds from forming. This is in theory: in practice, even if we find a supplement with the real Garcinia peel, which is rare in itself, its antilipid effect appears modest, similar to that of caffeine..
Studies in this regard are therefore few and they contradict each other.
In short, if you are not on a diet, it will not be the Garcinia Cambogia supplement that will make us lose weight, just as it will not be an extra cup of coffee that will make our metabolism gallop. And who speaks well of it? Don’t worry, there is a reason: he is paid to do it.

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