10 antioxidant foods this fall according to doctors

10 antioxidant foods this fall according to doctors

At each change of season it is important to take antioxidant foods, that is foods naturally rich in those substances that act against the mechanisms that generate free radicals.

It’s always best to get antioxidants through food, for two very good reasons.

The first is that according to some studies, antioxidants are substances so delicate that antioxidant-based supplements do not give the same benefits as those contained in food , in fact, they could even be harmful to health.

As with everything, and this is the second reason, even antioxidants if taken in excess with supplements could harm our immune system, increasing the risk of disease, as established a 2012 meta-analysis .

A hard blow for those who love to buy products believing they are doing themselves good.

However, it is different if we take antioxidants through food. In that case we get the most active form and with the right dosage to get all the benefits. For example, ripe fruit contains more antioxidants than unripe fruit because the degradation of chlorophyll occurs in it, a process that releases antioxidants in an active form.

So no to supplements and yes to food to get our share of antioxidants, especially during the change of seasons. These antioxidant foods support the immune system, protect us from the damage of cellular aging, and help the body adapt during climate change.
In the transition from summer to the cold months, there are 10 antioxidant foods that experts recommend.

We see them in a list that also contains some tasty recipes in links to stay fit and healthy from autumn.


  1. Pumpkin. 

    It is a very versatile food, rich in two carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect the sight. It is also diuretic. Try it in this 150-calorie light pumpkin cream and in the famous superlight cake against nervous hunger . Or try it in combination with chocolate with this pumpkin mousse  or in the pumpkin plum cake rich in spices and without butter that will smell good in your home. Or, in the light pumpkin tart , an American pumpkin pie. Finally, try making dietary and vegan pumpkin latte at home .

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