Lose weight with hormones: the anti-cortisol diet

Lose weight with hormones: the anti-cortisol diet

What is the anti-cortisol diet?

It is a diet designed to reduce cortisol, the main stress hormone, and its negative effects on health: slow metabolism, bloating, digestive problems, insomnia, lack of energy in the morning, extra pounds, high blood sugar and high cholesterol . There are several things. And there is a diet that, by lowering cortisol, allows you to lose weight with hormones, rebalancing them and making our body work at its best.

A safe diet, with no contraindications.
It’s called “The cortisol connection diet” and it’s the diet of Dr. Shawn Talbott, a graduate in biochemistry and sports nutrition and a secret pizza lover. Talbott defines himself as a “psycho-nutritionist”.
His method allows you to lose weight without stress, with a weight loss of 3 kilos per month by eating, thanks to the action that his method has on health.


Talbott explains that there is a connection between stress and a tendency to gain weight over the years .
Basically more cortisol = more body fat.

When stress is high, we generally tend to put on weight.
I say “generally” because as you all know how to generalize a complex mechanism like the human body is never a big deal: you will find many people whose stomach “closes the stomach” and therefore lose weight. But usually the opposite occurs, and usually the effect of stress is cumulative.

Let me explain.
In your twenties or thirties, you do stressful things, such as strict diets and strenuous exercise, overwork, reduced sleep, etc. All is well, but in the meantime your body is becoming intoxicated. And at some point he presents you the bill. You start to have a swollen stomach and more and more problems to keep the weight stable. Grease easily. The same things that once made you lose weight if you are lucky do nothing, otherwise they worsen the situation and the extra pounds accumulate.

What is Cortisol? And why does it make you fat?

Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands and is a hormone. It has an anti-inflammatory function and stimulates the production of glucose by the liver. The more cortisol we have, the higher the blood sugar level. The higher the blood sugar level, the more we tend to gain weight because insulin comes into play. This creates a vicious circle. Stress, release of glucose from the liver, insulin rising, glucose reduction, stress, and so on again. Let’s translate this into layman’s terms. High blood sugar, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, low blood sugar. Even poorer. Little hunger, a lot of hunger, less hunger, a lot of hunger. Multiply this for many days, many months and then years. The result is the belly.

For example, blood sugar rises thanks to cortisol when it is too low: if we eat too few carbohydrates, if we eat carbohydrates with a high glycemic index such as sugar (it rises and then falls suddenly), if we fast for too many hours.
Three classic situations that lead to an increase in cortisol.
If a diet stresses us, for example, once the diet is over we will tend to eat twice as much and metabolize less, resulting in fat, because our cortisol levels are higher.
How to fix this mess?
With an anti-cortisol diet, which allows us to lose weight with the hormones that are thus reset. The thyroid works better, insulin stops spiking, and what we eat we no longer turn into fat. Let’s see how. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO )

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