Hair transplant: the most used method against baldness

Hair transplant: the most used method against baldness

Hair transplantation is the most drastic remedy to combat an age-old problem such as baldness. It is a real surgery, which can be performed in different ways depending on the patient’s needs but also on his condition. Precisely with respect to the condition, the most in-depth considerations must be made: before taking an action such as that of transplantation, it is necessary to have all the necessary information. To do this, you can consult the site of cesareragazzi, one of the Italian pillars on the subject that can provide all the most suitable solutions. But let’s see in this article what are the main things to know about hair transplantation.

Hair transplant: what it consists of and how to behave before the surgery

Hair transplantation consists in extracting some follicular units from the back of the head and inserting them in the area subject to baldness. This is an operation that takes place under local anesthesia, lasting from 2 to 8 hours depending on the case. To do this, the doctor uses small needles to create small holes in which to implant the follicles.

The surgery can be done at all ages (hair loss is a problem that mainly affects men of any age), but it is good to know that before the age of 30 it is not recommended to undergo such surgery due to the fact that the baldness could recur and therefore further surgery would be required. Before undergoing a hair transplant there are some rules that you should observe, in order to arrive at the appointment in the best possible conditions and therefore favor the work of the doctor.

In the month preceding the surgery it is recommended to massage the scalp for about 5 minutes a day, in addition, you must stop smoking at least a week before undergoing the transplant and eat a light dinner the evening before the surgery. Regarding any medicines you are taking, you must follow the instructions of your doctor.

Fut or fue method: the main differences

There are two techniques for removing follicular units: Fut or Fue . The Fut (Follicular unit transplantation) technique consists in taking a very thin strip of hair with the help of precision instruments such as goggles or small binoculars. It is a technique that requires a lot of experience as it is very meticulous: if done well, the FuT technique also allows you to reduce the time between explantation and hair implantation. The percentage of hair engraftment is very high if the right procedures are implemented.

This is already a first difference with the Fue technique, which instead has decidedly lower rates of engraftment of the hair. To counterbalance, however, there is the cost of the intervention, much higher with the Fut technique than with the Fue technique.

The Fue (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique consists of a direct transplantation of the follicular units of the scalp, which takes place using scalpels. This withdrawal is not “centered ” as in the case of the Fut technique, for this reason the success rate is considerably lower. Furthermore, for this technique a complete shaving of the affected area is often required, an aspect that patients do not like very much. The advantages require lower costs, less experience and faster execution, while the disadvantages are mainly related to the success rate and the possibility of creating small scars.

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