Guide to low-fat cheeses: skyr and quark

Guide to low-fat cheeses: skyr and quark

In this period, skyr in Italy is very fashionable, as well as quark: the reason is that these two very lean cheeses with a high protein content are both distributed by a well-known supermarket chain, Lidl, which often offers products of origin not Italian, with the Milbona brand, a German brand owned by him. That’s why we find Milbona products only from Lidl.

is not really a yogurt , for example, even if for nutritional values ​​it resembles skimmed Greek yogurt, even if the taste is more grainy: it is a low-fat cheese of Icelandic origins, practically very ancient, which is obtained by curdling cow’s milk skimmed with a procedure that involves heating the milk and using different enzymes to curdle it.
The big difference with Greek yogurt is that it has a higher protein content, but very little: generally we read that skyr has double the protein of yogurt, but not Greek , than normal. Greek yogurt has 10.8 grams of protein per 100 grams , skyr has 11.8.
Nobody killed themselves for an extra gram of protein per 100 grams, so all the excitement and grief to find skyr doesn’t seem justified to me. 
So if we don’t find skyr, because we don’t have Lidl on our doorstep, fat-free Greek yogurt is its great substitute. If we find it better, we will have an alternative. And if we want something that has that extra gram of protein, let’s try skimmed cottage cheese: 11.83 grams of protein per 100 gr. Cheer! 0.03 grams of extra protein. Now let’s see a product that I really appreciate, the quark .

Quark is also practically unavailable in Italy: every time I go to Lidl I refuel it, because unlike skyr or Greek yogurt it has a much lighter and creamy consistency, which makes it ideal for cheesecake (like the German cheesecake ), and both sweet and savory mousses. The protein content is identical to that of Greek yogurt: 10.3 g per 100 g, and exists in both whole and skimmed versions. Same calories as Greek yogurt in both cases, both low-fat quark / low-fat Greek yogurt and whole versions.Change the texture, in summary. The procedure is similar to yoghurt, ferments are added to milk or rennet to make it curd. In the whole variant, very good, it is added with cream. Many fruit mousses that we find on the market have a quark cheese base.
In short: today you have discovered something more about two alternatives to Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, ideal if you are on a diet

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