How to renew WhatsApp: complete guide

How to renew WhatsApp: complete guide

WhatsApp has expired and you don’t know how to renew your subscription? Here’s how to continue using the application, what types of payment are available and the costs of the service.

Like many other users who own a smartphone, you too have probably entered the great world of WhatsApp. You started texting for free, sharing photos and videos, making voice calls. The first year everything goes smoothly. There are no costs, the application is totally free.

After the first year, however, the subscription has expired and the problem arises: how to renew WhatsApp ? The renewal of the subscription affects all (or almost all) users. Whatever type of phone the app is installed on (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.), after the first year it is necessary to subscribe to one of the available subscriptions and pay a small amount (less than 1 euro per year).

Let’s address the issue in detail. Let’s see how to renew WhatsApp , what are the types of subscription, the related costs and the different payment options available.


how to renew whatsapp: complete guide


How to renew WhatsApp?

1. Choose the type of subscription

2. Select a payment method

3. Follow the wizard directly from the application

These three points outline all the steps to renew WhatsApp.

The first thing to do is to have in mind what type of subscription we want to subscribe. WhatsApp offers three solutions:

Types of subscription for WhatsApp renewal:

1. Subscription for 1 year (89 euro cents)

2. Subscription for 3 years (2.40 euros)

3. Subscription for 5 years (3.34 euros)


As you can see from a quick calculation, the longer the subscription time, the more proportionately you save . But the choice is yours. You may not be sure if you will continue using this app in the next few years, so opt for a shorter subscription. After clarifying how much we are willing to spend on WhatsApp – even if the real costs of the application are also others – we can proceed with the renewal. We open the application, go to Settings -> Account -> Payment info and in the “Payment extension for” window we select the type of subscription we have chosen. At this point it is necessary to choose the payment method we want to use to renew WhatsApp. The application offers four payment methods:

Payment methods to renew WhatsApp:

1. Credit / prepaid card

2. Payapal

3. Send link by email

4. Telephone credit (Wind only)

The first three payment methods indicated go through Google Wallet, the payment service put in place by Big G.

If you want to renew WhatsApp with a credit card , just select the relevant item and follow the wizard. If we have already made purchases on Google Play, then no additional information is required. If, on the other hand, it is the first time, you will have to enter the card details among those available (which at the moment, in Italy, are American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Visa Electron).

The second option allows you to renew using your PayPal account . Again, if you already have an active one, just enter your credentials and follow the wizard. Otherwise, it is necessary to open an account directly on the official PayPal site , always convenient to have for any type of online payment (accepted all over the world).

The third WhatsApp payment method made available allows you to renew your subscription with telephone credit . For many this is the most convenient option but at the moment in Italy it is only available for Wind and Tim customers, as reported on the official website of Google payment methods . To use the credit option, go to Payment options (top right) -> Charge my carrier account (this item may vary slightly depending on the type of phone). And follow the steps.


NB If you decide to use one of these three options, we recommend that you make the payment by connecting to a stable and secure Wi-Fi network, such as the one at home. Even if the data is encrypted and the process is absolutely safe, it is always better to avoid renewing the subscription by connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot, for example a shopping center (it is a good precaution 2.0 to avoid public connections for these more delicate operations). The same also applies to the app: always use the official WhatsApp application instead of third-party applications that use this service.


The last payment method is the only one that allows you to renew WhatsApp directly from your PC , without using the phone (which, in fact, can sometimes be inconvenient; especially if you do not have a sufficiently performing smartphone). By selecting the item “Send URL for payment” you can enter an email address to which a message will be delivered. Inside, the recipient – who can be the owner of the app himself or a friend – will find the wizard to carry out the renewal from a computer, also in this case through one of the payment methods made available through Google Wallet.


How to check if the renewal was successful?

Have you followed the whole procedure to renew WhatsApp? Good. To check that the operation has been successful, go to Settings -> Account -> Payment info and check that the expiry date of the new subscription you have just purchased appears in the ” Service expiration ” field.

How to get WhatsApp for free?

When it comes time to pay for the new WhatsApp subscription, many wonder why there is someone who says they have never paid. Let’s clarify the question immediately: WhatsApp is free only for the first year, then take the subscription . The only exception is for iPhone users who have installed the application before a certain date and some ” tricks ” that can be used.

To check if you have the free lifetime WhatsApp service , go to Settings -> Accounts -> Payment Info . If this screen appears (image above right) then you are part of the group of users who will never have to leave a single euro.

Those who are not among these, or because they do not have an iPhone or because they have downloaded WhatsApp in more recent times, there are other ways to get WhatsApp for free . The cost of 89 cents (which goes down if the subscription times are longer) is really negligible, but …

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