The week-long tea diet: the detox plan

The week-long tea diet: the detox plan

A week of detox with a tea diet that in just seven days makes us lose two kilos and that we can repeat every time we need to deflate quickly, to prepare for a holiday, an event or a party period. Based on “t eatoxing “, or on a detoxifying regimen based on tea for weight loss , this tea diet does not involve the purchase of particular products , apart from the tea of ​​our choice among the varieties of green tea, white or black tea of oolong, powdered matcha tea, hibiscus flower tea (the so-called karkadè). We can drink it cold, hot or lukewarm. Its effectiveness is the same. Here’s how to do the tea diet.

 : a cup of tea (among the recommended varieties) with the juice of half a lemon and stevia for sweetening. 150 grams of skimmed Greek yogurt with 100 grams of red fruits, strawberries or cherries in pieces, a teaspoon of chia seeds, one of honey and cinnamon. For those who are vegan, replace the skimmed Greek yogurt with a jar of natural (i.e. white) soy yogurt.
Snack: a carrot or half a fennel and a sliced ​​cucumber. A cup of tea of ​​your choice with stevia.
Lunch:50 grams weighed from raw of these cereals of your choice: brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, oats, combined with 150 grams of raw vegetables including red peppers, spinach, rocket, tomatoes, beetroot, carrots, endive, cucumbers, fennel, mushrooms champignons, celery. 20 grams of Parmesan cheese or an egg or 60 grams of tofu or 80 grams of legumes weighed from boiled meat. A cup of digestive herbal tea. Snack (around three in the afternoon):  a carrot or half a fennel and a sliced ​​cucumber. A cup of tea of ​​your choice with stevia. Snack 2 (by five in the afternoon):  a cup of tea of ​​your choice with stevia, a mandarin or 100 grams of orange or kiwi, 10 almonds. Dinner:

150 grams of white fish of your choice or squid or octopus or shrimp cooked with spices, herbs of your choice, citrus juice of your choice and a teaspoon of oil.  As an alternative to fish, 100 grams of veal, bresaola or defatted cooked ham or the same quantity of natural seitan or tempeh or two eggs. 150 grams of raw vegetables (among those proposed) or a green salad + a teaspoon of oil. 100 grams of blueberries or other red fruits or a small slice of watermelon / melon at the end of the meal.
Extra: you can choose an extra after dinner, to choose from:
– a rice cake with half a teaspoon of almond or peanut butter
– 100 grams of skimmed yogurt with a teaspoon of jam or honey
– 15 grams of extra dark chocolate.
Activities: Half an hour walk in the afternoon is recommended.
 The tea diet is a diet of about 1100-1200 calories. It is therefore a lightning regimen not to be followed for over a week, like all detoxifying regimens, but must always be evaluated with a doctor. 

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