Griffonia Simplicifolia: posology and dosage

Griffonia Simplicifolia: posology and dosage

There are many beneficial properties of Griffonia Simplicifolia, useful for fighting insomnia and depression, but also a valid ally for weight loss.

It is normal to wonder what Griffonia Simplicifolia is and, above all, why its success, in the vast world of supplements , has skyrocketed.

This is a very particular plant, from whose seeds a powerful active ingredient (5HTP) is obtained, which has proven to be the bearer of innumerable benefits for the human body.

But, let’s go step by step.

Griffonia Simplicifolia is a particular plant belonging to the large legume  family and is native to West Africa. If you wish you can get more information on griffonia here .

[sc name = “SLIMMING”]A plant that is not exactly small (it easily reaches 3 meters in height), which has become famous for the seeds it contains: small red beans, which have many beneficial properties and which are collected only when fully ripe, since the level of active ingredient turns out to be much higher.

The active ingredient is 5HTP (5hydroxytryptophan)  which, after its discovery and specific tests conducted on it, presented itself to the general public as a real treasure chest containing precious jewels for health.

In fact, among the main benefits of Griffonia Simplicifolia (we grant the plant its deserved glory, since it is she who produces these seeds), as mentioned above, there are really many, but among all its action at the level of the central nervous system stands out. . 5HTP is a precursor of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which has a prime role in controlling the sleep cycle, sleep quality, pain threshold control and even the sense of appetite.

Surely most of the people, after reading this list of the beneficial properties of Griffonia Simplicifolia  will have widened their eyes, thinking: ” is it possible that only one plant can guarantee all this” ?. 

The answer is yes, you can do it, following the right dosage, integrating it into your diet.

But, among the many properties, undoubtedly one in particular has attracted the attention of many experts and ordinary people: thanks to the action of 5HTP it is possible to lose weight .

Griffonia Simplicifolia for weight loss: excellent remedy for regaining the ideal weight. Posology and dosage

Anyone who decides to embark on the difficult and arduous path of a diet , to find the perfect figure and say goodbye to extra pounds, knows that they need the help of trusted companions .

In fact, in addition to a targeted diet, to be followed according to the personal goal to be achieved, it is often recommended to use completely natural remedies to accelerate the fat-burning action and, at the same time, block the constant sense of hunger .

Griffonia Simplicifolia supplements are perfectly suited for this purpose.

Griffonia sides with those who have decided to lose weight, in a rational and controlled way, thanks to its properties, which materialize in great benefits to increase and speed up the metabolism and for its action chases away hunger.

So, yes, Griffonia Simplicifolia , a wonderful plant that nature has decided to give to us, is identified as a natural ally for weight loss .

This wonderful plant not only helps to improve mood by intervening on the targeted action of serotonin , but thanks to it it acts both at the nervous level (regulates the impulses of the sense of hunger), and at the metabolic level, pushing the processes for l elimination of fats.

Many results by taking a single Griffonia-based supplement.

But, what is the right dosage ?

Experts recommend never exceeding the threshold of 100 mg per day (to be divided into two doses: morning and evening) to always be taken away from main meals.

Obviously, the doses may vary depending on your body and the response it will give following a first trial period (usually it starts with an open administration at 50 mg daily).

Never underestimate potential side effects: it is of fundamental importance to contact your doctor, who will be able to advise you on the right path to follow and the perfect dosage

Griffonia Simplicifolia: the natural essence of well-being !

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