Here are the exercises you need to do according to your body

Here are the exercises you need to do according to your body

How many times do we stop to look with interest at the bodies of Hollywood stars and dream of looking like theirs.

Because let’s remember diet is one thing, taking care of our body in full with targeted exercises is another thing .

Today we see what exercises to do to be successful and what type of body you have, because you can also suffer from being excessively thin, let’s not forget that.

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The physicist Mela

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Here are the exercises you need to do according to your body: the apple physique

If your body carries most of the excess weight around your waist with nice big breasts and tight hips you are an apple.

Some medical research suggests that apple women and men have an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and premature death.

Such a large waist circumference can be a perfect indicator to indicate internal fat, the most difficult and dangerous one, right in the heart area.

What you can do: It is not easy to lose weight quickly but you can start a cardio routine (exercise bike, rowing machine, treadmill) to burn fat combined with a series of upper and lower abs.

The physicist Pera

If you are a pear it means that you have fat around your hips, thighs and buttocks and a rather small torso, even with small breasts.

What You Can Do: Bicycling is great aerobic exercise to help tone your lower body , and you can also have some relief or great results with squats.

The physical hourglass

Here are the exercises you need to do according to your body: the hourglass physique

If you are chubby and your bust and hip measurements are almost the same while your waist is narrow you have an hourglass physique, in which you are overweight both above and below.

What You Can Do: To improve an hourglass body type you can follow an exercise program that works both above and below.

You can define the above with the weightlifting and the bench, while for the lower part you can do aerobics or swimming, rowing or even cross-country skiing.

The physicist Flute

If you have a Flute physique it means that you are straight up and down, all slim and thin.

What You Can Do: If you are thin your goal will be to put on some shape.

Then get started or tone your abs . If, on the other hand, you are straight but overweight, start thinking about a healthy diet .

The athletic physique

If you have wider shoulders and narrow hips like in the image of an inverted triangle it may be that you have more muscle than fat and fewer curves than your pear-shaped sister.

What You Can Do: You may not need to tone your upper body, so you should focus on your lower body sculpting your glutes and thighs for a more balanced shape.

The All Overweight Physique

When you have a uniform physique in being overweight, you also have a uniform top and bottom in being overweight.

What can you do: in the end maybe having such a physique, although it may seem the worst thing, is perhaps the best one, because you can work equally evenly on the whole body and lose weight on all sides when you he goes on a diet and exercises.


There is no need for big sudden changes, like to prepare for a triathlon starting from an untrained body but you need to know your body to get the best out of what our body is. By working on our mind with exercises and a personalized diet we can learn to eat well and love ourselves, really.

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