The Dr. Oz show in Italian

The Dr. Oz show in Italian

DrOZFrom 22 October on La7D the Dr. Oz show was back on the air, which I have dealt with several times here with numerous articles and insights. There is everything about him: from Dr. Oz’s fitness program ( you can find it here on youtube ), to the various diets, very numerous, of which he spoke in the broadcasts, to, above all, pills, syrups and supplements with miraculous effects for which he has been in legal trouble. Oz, as I reported here, has in fact been denounced in recent months for the hidden advertising of supplements and pills for slimming that have nothing miraculous: this is the case of the renowned green coffee, garcinia cambogia, rasperry ketone, yacon syrup and so on. . Now, if a normal presenter can also play the card of good faith (I did not know, I have an editorial team that offers me these things, I do not know the scientific research on the subject), by Dr. Mehmet O z, who is an esteemed cardiologist, professor at Columbia University and whose show also won Emmys, one would expect a little more professionalism .
Now that the episodes of the third season are proposed in Italian, the same for which Oz was indicted, I recommend to all of you: do not believe the lure of portentous remedies that for a few tens of euros can ensure effective weight loss . They are palliatives, they are useless, and the sponsors have paid good money to fund some ridiculous research. So enjoy the show, but don’t put your wallet and take any “miracle remedy” advice you will hear from the Dr. Oz show in Italian as that is what it really is: advertising.

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