Gordon Ramsay’s diet: the chef loses over 25 kilos

Gordon Ramsay’s diet: the chef loses over 25 kilos


Gordon Ramsay , the famous chef whose restaurants have been awarded multiple awards and who has participated in TV reality shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and produced others (Nightmare Kitchens, Nightmare Hotels) despite having always had a slim line, in the the last few years he had apparently gained weight. Personally, I hadn’t even noticed it, but okay, I follow Ramsay intermittently, and being tall I don’t think we could pay too much attention to it. Yet, Ramsay recently declared that he lost 25 kilos to save his marriage and also to have better health: the stressful life, the commitments, and also being a chef had made him fat, so much so that he no longer recognizes himself. In an interviewRamsay explained what his diet consists of, but above all he stressed the importance of reducing stress in his weight loss. Gordon Ramsay’s diet
was not developed by a dietician , because the chef declares himself intolerant of rigid and pre-established food plans, but, as he himself explained, it was the result of a series of dietary attempts and failures, which they just made him understand what was good for him and what was not. We already know that one of Gordon Ramsay’s workhorses is fresh and seasonal food : on shows he always complains if the contestants use too much seasoning, he loves spices, loves simple and quick cooking.

To lose weight he admits that he gave up milk, dairy products and cheeses, which caused him swelling and intestinal irritation, for the rest here is the meal plan that he himself described in the interview.

Breakfast: natural almond milk (no added sugar) with weetabix cereals
Snack: a smoothie with red fruits, spinach, skimmed Greek yogurt (apparently the only dairy product he didn’t give up)
Lunch and dinner : fish curry (fresh fish stir-fried with vegetables, coconut milk and curry) or grilled fish or lean meat, steamed vegetables, a drizzle of oil. Often indulges in a cauliflower pizza (under the recipe) and drinks two glasses of water before meals.

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