Company calls its products “Space between the thighs”

Company calls its products “Space between the thighs”

The storm is blowing for Protein Haus , a company that produces supermarket ready meals , food and beverages. And it is precisely on the line of their ready-made but healthy and basically low-carb meals, that the Protein Haus has received a lot of criticism , I would say with good reason.
In fact, the company has decided to call its products with the expression ” Thigh Gap ” or “Space between the thighs”, that cavity that is created between the thighs of those who are very thin or have a large pelvis by constitution (more for this reason). The space between the thighs has become an obsession especially in recent years, especially among teenagers,convinced that they are never too thin if they can’t get it. Considered “a sexy thing” unfortunately it has become one of the most problematic aesthetic obsessions among women, especially among the very young. With all the problems that an aesthetic obsession entails. The company has exploited the name to entice its customers with its decidedly low carb meat or chicken and vegetable products, which also carry the wording “Diet Food”, ie diet food.

Yes, in practice on the same package it is written: Dietary Food Space between the thighs.
An idea that has aroused a lot of criticism, but for which the company has decided not to apologize, let alone withdraw products from the market, or change their name. Some note that the vacuum packed dishes appear anything but appetizing.
The owner of the company is satisfied with having created media hype, and she sees nothing wrong with having called her product line “Space between the thighs”. She basically sells whoever shoots the biggest. In spite of the health of consumers.

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