Chia seeds for weight loss: how to use them and why

Chia seeds for weight loss: how to use them and why

Chia seeds are having their golden time. Derived from a plant cultivated as early as the time of the Aztecs, they are rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc and phosphorus and a vegetable source of Omega 3, which makes them natural antioxidants. In this article we see how to use chia seeds to lose weight and a very practical and anti-hunger recipe, ideal if you also want to deflate and have constipation problems.

In spite of their caloric content, just use a few tablespoons of chia seeds a day to have health benefits. In fact, chia seeds have fibers that retain liquids, creating a satiating gel in the intestine that blocks hunger , and which makes them a key food for creating satiating but low-calorie and detoxifying recipes in the intestine. These fibers help us reduce the absorption of calories in the intestine, especially from fats. They are indicated against the metabolic syndrome, swollen belly and constipation problems, diabetes . The recommended dose is 28 grams per day, for a value of about 100 calories and 11 grams of fiber . Here’s where to find out the 10 qualities of the active ingredients of chia seeds and the reason for their importance as a detoxifying food in a natural diet.

But chia seeds are not only good for omega 3 and fiber:  they contain many amino acids, and allow us to balance our diet with the right amount of proteins and good fats, reducing the glycemic load of meals . They are very versatile . Here you will find all the tips for using chia seeds in the kitchen.

But for those who want to try using chia seeds for weight loss , I recommend a quick and practical recipe that can be used instead of breakfast or as a meal replacement. Mind you: the remaining meal must be protein, because the replacement meal is already full of “good” carbohydrates. Limit yourself to a portion of lean meat, fish or vegetable proteins (legumes, tofu, tempeh, seitan, mopur) with a large side of vegetables seasoned with a little raw oil. This is if we want to use the recipe as a substitute meal for lunch or dinner. For those who simply want to act on intestinal regularity and reduce the sense of hunger in the morning, just make this recipe for breakfast.

Chia seed substitute meal
(ideal for breakfast or as a substitute for lunch or dinner)

Ingredients for a meal:
20 gr of chia seeds
half frozen ripe banana (70 gr)
100 gr of blueberries or ripe raspberries or pear or compote of apples
200 ml of vegetable milk of almonds, rice or coconut with no added sugar
stevia to taste
Ceylon cinnamon or vanilla flavor

Procedure: blend the chia seeds with the fruit, stevia and spices for a couple of minutes. Add the vegetable milk, and resume blending for another two minutes. Pour the mixture into a bowl, leave it in the fridge for about 5 minutes, so that it thickens better (you can also do it the night before). Enjoy it by the spoon, for breakfast or as a substitute for lunch or dinner, sprinkled with cinnamon, which reduces blood sugar.
Kcal: 245.

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