Get rid of swelling and cellulite with Cellu-cup

Get rid of swelling and cellulite with Cellu-cup

It is called Cellu-Cup and personally since I bought it I cannot do without it: it is a silicone cup useful against cellulite that works by fixing the suction cup on the skin and dragging it lightly upwards, to make a self massage with vacuum effect, i.e. with suction.

Personally I do not suffer from cellulite, I have a slight retention on the upper part of the legs but nothing flashy, but I find the Cellu-cup perfect for massaging and draining the whole body : few people know that this cup is also useful in the belly area, especially way on the lower abdomen, to reduce swelling and loose skin, but also to relieve pain in the back and even on the arms in the lower part.

Just apply an oil or a massage cream first, then, take the cup between your fingers, squeeze it by pressing to eliminate the air, place it on the part to be massaged and release the pressure on the cup, which will slightly suck the skin. Then move it around the leg or the other areas first horizontally and then vertically (in short, up and down).

The price of Cellu-cup is around sixteen euros, I know it is also on sale at Sephora, but I now buy everything on Amazon. I haven’t tried the cheaper brands , but I’ve read around that they aren’t as good because of the material. This one here is silicone, thick. As an alternative to the link below, I leave you the official website here , where you can also buy a specific oil. I have several oils, so I just got the cup online, here.

It makes the skin more toned and compact and is one of the products that I can recommend to the many people who ask me what to do against cellulite, swollen legs and swollen belly. Furthermore, the massage, which is initially a bit painful, becomes very relaxing and pleasant after a few weeks of use. The only drawback: due to the type of massage, the cellulite cup should not be used if you have fragile capillaries and a compromised microcirculation situation. Also, don’t overdo the pressure, so massage effectively but loosen if you feel too much pain.
If you want a guaranteed effect , try this anti- cellulite scrub first, then take a shower and proceed with the massage not before having applied a specific oil.

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