The new diet for the summer is called THREE

The new diet for the summer is called THREE

The new diet for the summer is called TRE: conceived by fitness coach  Max Lowery , it is based on a very simple scheme for losing weight: TIME RESTRICTED EATING (hence TRE), which is a type of intermittent fasting we have already talked about, for example with the eight-hour diet or the “dinner canceling” diet. In practice, to lose weight faster, Lowery recommends reducing the hours in which we eat food with these two strategies to choose from:
– eat lunch and dinner, skipping breakfast
– eat breakfast and lunch, skipping dinner
The meal we skip can be a total fast, or we can help ourselves by eating salad or cucumbers, which do not have a significant impact on either blood sugar or digestion. Max Lowery, however, notes that a total fast instead of the third meal, which can be breakfast or dinner, is ideal.
Now let’s see two indicative schemes for following this diet for the summer.

Ideal for those who get up late, ideal on vacation, ideal for those who do not like having breakfast.
Breakfast: a cup of green tea with sweetener
Lunch: works like a brunch. A two-egg omelette with a salad dressed with a teaspoon of oil plus a packet of crackers, or 100g of smoked salmon, sautéed vegetables, two slices of rye bread, or a packet of cottage cheese with a plate of grilled vegetables seasoned with a little oil or 125 g of mozzarella instead of flakes and 50 g of bread or 40 g of brown rice / wholemeal pasta. After a couple of hours we can eat some fruit, up to 200 g or a low-fat yogurt with a piece of fruit.
Dinner:up to 200 grams of lean meat or fish with a side dish of vegetables and a medium baked potato, a teaspoon of oil for seasoning + a fruit of your choice. As an alternative to the potato, two slices of wholemeal bread.
Let’s see the second diagram on page two.

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