Fit in spring? Try an e-bike!

Fit in spring? Try an e-bike!

Don’t the first sunny days, a pleasant climate and the longest days make you think of an e-bike ride?

What is the e-bike?

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The e-bike is an electric bicycle with pedal assistance so you too come into play, pedaling and burning calories .

Its peculiarity of assisted pedaling will make you the undisputed protagonist in your walk.

In recent years, as you have noticed, there has been a real boom for e-bikes, comparable to scooters but with a lot of savings and less pollution.

Buying it costs from 300 to 2000 euros: there are prices for all budgets, you will not necessarily have to insure it, nor will you pay an annual road tax.

You are not required to wear a helmet, although we strongly recommend that you do so.

Who is the e-bike suitable for?

The e-bike is truly an innovative means, which allows us to stay in shape and, at the same time, is within everyone’s reach.

We recommend it to anyone who wants to try a pedal assisted, high-performance bike with excellent braking.

It is also good for children under 16, as it does not exceed 25 km / h.

Let’s see some technical features together: we have a 250 watt motor, designed to give excellent power and 36 volt lithium batteries. 

So remember that before buying an e-bike you will need to read its characteristics well.

But for this you can consult our practical guide.

Why, do we recommend an e-bike?

As you know the e-bike, it really differs a lot from a usual mtb, surely one of the factors for which we recommend it is the practicality with which, riding an e-bike, you can travel the streets of your city.

We recommend it for the wonder of assisted pedaling , which by engaging on the road will help you get to your appointments on time, doing half the effort compared to a normal bike.

It's spring!  Try an e-bike to get in shape
It’s spring! Try an e-bike to get in shape

Furthermore we must also consider the quality / price ratio .

E-bikes start at very low prices and to have a good average quality, you can spend from 350 euros upwards.

Surely it is a necessary purchase for people who want to spend themselves for the reduction of pollution , favoring eco-sustainability .

Also remember that with the e-bike you will have access to all the ZTL areas without problems and you will not have to worry if your vehicle can enter or not.

Furthermore, thanks to the e-bike you will have a significant reduction in your costs for not indifferent travel.

Are e-bikes safe?

E-bikes are certainly much more reliable than normal and therefore classic bicycles.

Let us remember that with the e-bike / electric bike it is certainly easier to leave at crossroads, at traffic lights and “compete” with other means of transport.

It is simple with an e-bike, to move in the traffic of large cities, to move between cars in complete safety.

E-bikes and tourist cycling

With e-bikes it will be easier to organize a tourist trip by bicycle.

Suitable for real explorers, an alternative and fun way to think about travel.

Give up the fatigue of a classic bicycle and finally try an e-bike.

Fun and powerful even in the climbs, unique in the paths you will have to cross and comfortable and suitable for any tourist route.

And you, what are you waiting for for a ride on your new e-bike?

We suggest you a guide to consult, which you can find at the link

 to discover the details and enjoy the privilege of comfort on the road.

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