Let’s discover one of the most powerful and interesting repeaters around, the FRITZWLAN Repeater 1750e.

The AVM products – which we have had the opportunity to talk about on various occasions – are all of great workmanship, powerful and very useful. The FRITZWLAN Repeater 1750e is one of the most important products among those produced by the German house, offering quality and performance of the highest level that could most interest all video game enthusiasts. But let’s find out the product in detail.


The packaging is not sober as any AVM product, characterized by this bright blue and bright colors. In the front, as always, we find a beautiful image depicting the product inside the box, while in the back we can find all the technical specifications of the repeater, as well as other small images. Once the package is opened, we will find the repeater very well kept in its packaging, an ethernet cable and the instruction booklet (also in Italian). The instructions are very clear and not very distracting, proving capable of having the product installed even to those who have not seen even one before.


The FRITZWLAN Repeater 1750E , in terms of design, boasts technical characteristics superior to its predecessors, as well as the very useful introduction of a LAN port. Precisely this small addition is that part that will interest gamers, who will no longer have to wire the entire property, but will be able to take advantage of this socket in order not to raise their PING.

The repeater is equipped with a WPS button which makes it easily configurable with modems equipped with the same feature. In the lower part there is the gigabit LAN port (10/100/1000 Mbit / s), using it it is possible to easily connect a printer, a PC or all those devices with this type of connection to the home network. On the sides of the product we find ventilation holes that allow the device to disperse heat and last stably over time. On the back there is the hook for the socket and some information.

Technical specifications:

The FRITZWLAN Repeater 1750E  has quite important dimensions which correspond to 155 mm in height by 76.5 mm in width. On the front we find the 3 LEDs: one indicates the power of the wireless network, one the status of the Wlan and the last one the status of the Lan.

The Fritz! Wlan Repeater 1750E is equipped with the well-known Fritz! OS interface , which allows all users to access the wireless network in a simple and functional way in different ways: WPS connection, connection with online assistant, manual connection and connection Bridge Lan. Instead, the following are the technical characteristics:

  • 802.11ac WLAN at 1,300 Mbit / s for fast wireless connections
  • WLAN 802.11na 450 Mbit / s
  • Frequency bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, simultaneously
  • Extend your home network with Mesh WiFi by simply combining multiple wireless access points into one smart system (starting with FRITZ! OS 6.90). Further information:
  • Gigabit LAN port: Connected devices (computer, printer, multimedia system, etc.) get the wireless function
  • Alternatively, it can be connected to a router with a cable (LAN bridge)
  • Encryption with WPA2 (802.11i)
  • Secure wireless configuration via WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) at the push of a button
  • Compatible with all routers on the market equipped with wireless standards ac, n, g, bea, WDS not required
  • Suitable for operation with normal 230 V sockets
  • Browser assistant and software to simplify configuration
  • Connection status and quality displayed
  • It supports the IPv6 Internet Protocol


Let’s start with simple things, the installation and setup of the FRITZWLAN Repeater 1750e. Connect your device to our Fritz! Box Router was extremely simple. First you have to connect the repeater near the router, you have to wait for it to start, once turned on just press the button on the repeater and then the Connect / WPS button on the Fritz! Box. Once done you have to connect the two devices and save the connection.FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 1750e

After this first setup, the repeater can be positioned anywhere as long as it is always in the presence of the previously connected network, thus expanding your Wi-Fi connection. If you need to connect another router to the repeater or connect via LAN, you need to use the Fritz web interface! AVM to change existing settings. The instructions that AVM, as we have written to you previously, perfectly serve their purpose and perfectly describe the various steps necessary for the setup of the device. The really interesting thing is that you can always check the reception strength of your device by downloading the FRITZ! App WLAN app.

The performance of the repeater is very good. The needle of the balance will surely do the distance from the router and the positioning of the domestic or structural walls (the more walls you have to cross, the weaker the signal will become). The  FRITZWLAN Repeater 1750E   also has two operating modes:

  • Bridge mode : the device connects to the modem’s wireless network and extends it, devices can connect to it via LAN and wireless.
    LAN bridge mode : The repeater is connected to the modem via a LAN cable and devices will only be able to connect to it via wireless.

In a medium-sized apartment, we have verified that the connection is able to be constant and without too much latency. Despite the walls, our PC was not affected by the bridge and remained connected by making the most of the initial connection. The result is certainly improved, using the LAN port, which obviously maintains a remarkable stability. With the AVM FRITZ! WLAN app , we also tested our repeater with various mobile phones. During these tests we moved a lot in line of sight from the repeater and we were always impressed by the stable and precise connection.


If you need to expand your starting signal, either because you have a two-story house or office, the FRITZWLAN Repeater 1750e router may be for you (especially if you already own a Fritz! Box router). The product is certainly performing, it offers in a simple and reliable way the possibility of extending the range of your existing Wi-Fi network.

The overall quality of the interfaces and the signal strength is above average, considering it currently costs around 80 euros on Amazon. With this repeater each user will not only be able to take advantage of the Wi-Fi bridge at 5GHZ at 1300 Mbit / s, but will also be able to take advantage of a LAN port (which is not insignificant). The qualities we have described to you are well suited to both home and business users, but could be perfect for anyone interested in playing online.

The possibility of connecting any modem, perhaps even the generic ones provided by your telephone operators, directly via LAN cable to the Repeater 1750E , will allow users to make the most of their connection, without being afraid of losing power thanks to wireless, solving with the problem of disposing of telephone sockets inside one’s own homes or workplaces is a simple expense. To top it all off we then find the FRITZ! OS which manages to guide even inexperienced users towards the best configuration and use of their repeater. AVMdoes not forget the Italian market and translates everything into our beloved language, so as not to miss even a small chance to take advantage of this interesting repeater.

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