Are french fries bad for you?

Are french fries bad for you?

Are french fries bad for you?

As in all the things we eat, we must always be very careful about what we think and how much we eat before finally demonizing them.

Today I want to talk to you about  French fries and, above all, I want to dispel some myths about whether they  are bad .

Are french fries bad for you? And which charges are true and which are false compared to everything we think about this controversial food?

Now we see them together.

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Are potato chips really that bad?

Definitely yes if you eat in industrial quantities.

On the other hand, if we buy a pack of those packaged as snacks for sure it will not be the healthiest thing to consider. But if we taste a couple of fries cooked with home oil , and with a little salt, with fries cut by hand and fried in olive oil, we will certainly not gain two kilograms of weight.

In fact , extra virgin olive oil , where fries should always be fried, contains a lower percentage of polyunsaturated fats and therefore is much more suitable than all other oils to withstand the high temperatures of frying without oxidizing and therefore produces much less substances . harmful to our body .

French fries should not be demonized, more than other fatty or salty elements, as regards the increase of cellulite.

It is a question of balance between foods, let’s say, not really the choice of food chips which leads to the formation of cellulite.
Just as it is certainly not true that eating french fries necessarily leads to the formation of pimples. Pimples certainly proliferate due to the wrong diet but also due to a predisposition to a certain type of impure skin and to hormones which, especially in adolescence, lead us to have greater epidermal problems.

And it is not even true that the potato chips already packaged are all horrible.

There are some of very poor quality but also many good ones only already cut and packaged which, cooked in a good oil at home, are not so bad.

And then we must always think about what we do for our body: if we have constant physical activity we can also afford a plate of chips a week and certainly that will not make us fat.


The key word to the question of whether French fries make you fat is one and only one: balance. In fact, if we talk about the balance between diet and good physical activity we will also be able to eat a nice plate of chips as a side dish per week without feeling guilty. It is clear that if we abuse it or if we already have a sedentary lifestyle and eat potato chips in bags all day this will surely hurt us.

But if we have a balanced diet, with lots of proteins and fibers, a good dose of daily fruit and vegetables, and constant training, we can decide to eat what we like best, with attention to raw materials, always extra virgin olive oil. and a little salt.

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