Frank Azor, current CEO of Alienware, released an interview with VentureBeat a few days ago in which he declares that the PC has won the …

Frank Azor , current CEO of Alienware , released an interview with VentureBeat a few days ago in which he declares that the PC has won the battle against consoles. According to Azor, the most effective way to deal with this situation is to behave like Microsoft , that is, bringing Xbox exclusives to Windows 10 and working on more powerful hardware like Scorpio .

Frank Azor

 The PC won 

With these 4 simple words Frank Azor expressed his opinion on the “war” between PC and console.

“Is there a console-only future to come, or is this PC-console combination a big plus for someone like Microsoft?”

Azor: “Continuing to fight this war I believe will severely limit the ability of the traditional console model to survive and spread. Microsoft is aware of this, and is proving it with the announcements made in recent days, such as Scorpio, the UWP and the publication of content on both Windows and Xbox. I hope that other console makers will also focus on what makes them special, namely the games, the franchises, the stories they tell, the characters they built. The hardware sector is closed and inelastic when our budget is $ 300 or $ 400, which is fine. But when you have the opportunity to invest $ 600, $ 700 or $ 800, there are so many possibilities for differentiation. ” Alienware CEO further added:

“In the future, there will still be room for people who want small, affordable devices with limited capabilities and features compared to those with high-end, scalable PC architectures that deliver and will deliver great performance. But the content should be unique across all platforms, in my view. Just as I want console-exclusive franchises to come to PC, I want PC-exclusive franchises to come to consoles as well. This is not a one-way street, and players would benefit from it. “

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