According to what was reported by Context, the monitor market in Europe is in a growth phase, following a period of decline that lasted more …

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According to what was reported by Context , the monitor market in Europe is in a growth phase , following a period of decline that lasted more than 18 months. The growth rate recorded in the first quarter of 2016 , equal to 7%, is the highest in the last 5 years . This growth, according to Context , is due to the arrival of higher resolutions, better color reproduction, panel refresh and screen size. It should also be emphasized that  the new solutions related to the world of gaming have given a great boost to this sector.

Specifically , AOC and MMD , the licensee of Philips branded monitors , expect steady growth following the 35% increase in sales volume of monitors compared to the previous quarter . As for the European continent, two brands have monopolized the market: Philips and AOC.  Here are the statements by Thomas Schade , Vice President of Europe for AOC and MMD :

“The recent developments are a good sign for the monitor market in general and, above all, for our two brands AOC and Philips. Both of our brands have monopolized the development of the market. This underlines that our innovation-based strategy pays off. We are currently number 1 in 11 European countries and are firmly in the top 3 of many other countries. Together with our business partners we will further develop our positions, with our continuous pursuit of innovation. “

Also in Italy , where the market is growing by 6% after a decline seen in the previous three quarters, the two brands have achieved excellent results in the reference market, with growth in terms of volumes of over 20%. With a market share of around 18%, Philips holds the leading position in the market. AOC and Philips together have a market share of over 25%, meaning that one in four desktop monitors sold in Italy is either a Philips or AOC brand.

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