Fortnite’s Out of Warehouse mode has arrived, let’s find out how to complete the missions in this guide dedicated to battle royale.

Among the various activities present in the Fortnite universe , sometimes limited-time events peek out that allow you to try out some new modes of the battle royale, such as Out of Stock , of which we want to deepen the missions in this guide .

We are talking specifically about a mode that is much less balanced than the classic one, at least talking about the power level of the objects found in the game map , since it is much easier to die in clashes since all the weapons of the game are brought into play. past.

Let’s discover the Out of Warehouse missions in this Fortnite guide

Once you enter the battle royale menu, all you have to do is select the various game modes on the right side, from which you can access Out of Stock, then going to complete the following missions, which we list in this Fortnite guide :

  • Get an elimination with a pistol and a machine gun – We advise you not to proceed with caution, as these are weapons at close range, therefore aiming to complete the objective as soon as the hang glider is closed
  • Get an elimination with an assault rifle and a shotgun – The situation changes a lot here, but after continuing with the first objective you can now focus on the rest of the game, thus opting for a close range weapon for close encounters and for a more classic from a distance
  • Get an elimination with a bow, an explosive weapon and a sniper rifle – We are dealing here with 3 weapons that are difficult to master, and that’s why you could – as in the first case – aim to find them early in the game to exploit them immediately

Hoping that the guide of the battle royale in question was useful to you, we take the opportunity to refer you to our in-depth analysis on the latest patch of the game, which brought the cobwebs in all the trunks, let’s talk about it here .

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