In this guide dedicated to Dying Light 2: Stay Human we will help you find all 117 memento notes present in the game.

In the wonderful world of Dying Light 2 , the latest title developed by Techland and published recently, there are 117 notes called memento , as you can well understand from the number, finding them all is not really child’s play, that’s why we decided to dedicate a guide to you, with which you can find the mementos and unlock the trophy or the Archivist objective. These mementos are scattered almost everywhere along the adventure, and their collection is sometimes articulated, in order to avoid wasting time as the game is so vast and already challenging in itself, we decided to insert a clarifying video that will allow you to go straight to the goal.

Before going into the Dying Light 2 guide on the notes called memento, know that if you are curious in our vote you can take a look at our dedicated review .

Where to find memento notes in Dying Light 2? Here is the guide

Considering that the notes to be taken are so many, as you have well seen, they are not a trivial matter, to facilitate the search we preferred to include a detailed video of WarbyGaming, which we thank for availability. Before leaving you to watch the movie, however, we remind you that the 2 memories in the Prologue are absolutely not to be missed.Dying Light 2 memento

You will not find any way back to the Prologue area and it cannot be played in cooperative mode either. Apart from these 2 memories, you will be able to get all 115 notes via the Co-Op mode (in general you can always do it if you miss something related to the story).

So once you have made sure to take the collectibles that you will find exclusively during the Prologue, you can guarantee yourself the coveted “Archivist” trophy, otherwise you will have to start all over again, and we assure you that it is not really good news.

We hope that our guide will help you, keep following us and do not miss all the other guides and all the news regarding the wonderful Dying Light 2.

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