For pimples, try natural remedies

For pimples, try natural remedies

Pimples are notoriously considered to be a symptom of impure skin, in fact they can also be a signal of our body’s need to detoxify itself. So let’s see with which natural remedies we can prevent them, acting from the outside but also from the inside.


Natural remedies for pimples can be taken in the form of food supplements for internal use or applied directly to the skin, with the use of natural plant-based cosmetics with an astringent , purifying and sebum-balancing action.

Rather than waging war against unsightly pimples, we should consider them as a way that our body uses to eliminate waste through the skin , one of the ” excretory organs ” along with the lungs , liver , kidneys  and intestines .

These organs have the task of disposing of the toxins that accumulate in the body due to environmental pollution, drug abuse, improper nutrition or exposure to toxic substances. The skin, in fact, intervenes to support the kidneys and liver to favor this purification process. This is why listening to our body , even when it produces the unattractive and unsightly pimples, helps to choose the right remedy .

Pimples and their causes

It is generally thought that pimples primarily affect teenagers , but data shows that they do not discriminate by age or sex. Recent scientific studies have shown that there is a relationship between their occurrence and food intolerances , intestinal dysbiosis and female hormonal imbalances  in the stage of puberty, during the menstrual cycle or  pregnancy .

The typical acne of adolescence, which manifests itself with impure skin and boils, is due to the alterations of the hormonal system  typical of this age. Acne manifests itself with seborrhea (increased greasiness of the skin), blackheads (when pores dilate becoming containers of impurities) and comedones (actual pimples, inflamed or with the presence of pus).

Liver fatigue due to exposure to environmental toxins (pollution, smoke, solvents, etc.) also plays a role  ; use of drugs (even more so if it is a contraceptive pill or antibiotics); deficiencies in vitamins and minerals; alcohol and drug use; poor intestinal function and alteration of the bacterial flora.

Natural cosmetic remedies to eliminate pimples

Natural remedies for pimples start with cleansing . To get rid of boils and blackheads it is first of all necessary to evaluate the state of your skin and carry out a  correct facial cleansing .

You should thoroughly cleanse your face, in the morning and in the evening , with a product suitable for your skin type, without ever forgetting the tonic that balances the pores with an astringent action. This simple beauty routine also helps prevent pimples from forming under the skin. 

The sebum  represents a sort of protective screen for the skin against external agents : microorganisms (bacteria, fungi), air, water, smog, pollution, sunlight, heat, cold. When the skin tries to defend itself in a very active way and is not cared for enough (indeed, perhaps mistreated with too aggressive detergents), it becomes inflamed and fattened even more.

Here are some natural remedies to soothe inflamed pimples and to counteract their formation :

  • Hazelnut oil :  boasts purifying properties , and is therefore especially suitable for those who live in smog-prone cities or use the moped; astringent , because it helps to gently close the pores; rebalancing , able to regulate sebum production.
    It can be used both as a cleansing milk for daily facial cleansing and as a very delicate and natural make-up remover.
  • Clay : one of the most used and known natural remedies for oily skin is the  clay mask, but it must be done correctly.
    A common mistake is not paying attention to keeping the skin hydrated . As a result of osmosis (the principle of physics for which anti- cellulite muds act ), the contact of the substance with the skin causes dehydration of the skin. It is therefore recommended to apply it all over the face only on young skin prone to dilated pores or excessive sebum production.
    In all other cases it would be better to apply the clay mask directly on the pimple or on the more impure parts such as the T-zone(forehead-nose-chin), to help dry pimples very quickly.
    The clay allows the preparation of DIY masks enriched with essential oils , such as tea tree oil with an antibacterial action or lavender essential oil with a purifying action.
  • Lemon essential oil : it is useful in case of blackheads, oily and impure skin. It has lightening properties, promotes the formation of new cells of the epidermis and fights the processes of cellular aging , at the same time promoting scarring.
    For this reason, lemon essential oil is indicated for skin with sun or old age spots , wrinkles or stretch marks and scars left by acne . It can be mixed with detergent or cream: 2 drops for a walnut of product are more than enough.

In predisposed subjects, the use of the mask often worsens the situation, because the difficult oxygenation of the tissues is a further cause of the formation of pimples and blackheads, sometimes even acne. The suggestion is to change the mask often and, at the same time, refresh and cleanse the skin as much as possible .

You can help yourself with the nebulization of a refreshing water, such as rose water , to which you can mix a few drops of hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin.

Natural remedies for internal use against pimples

Against pimples you can also intervene with some natural remedies for internal use. 

  • Borage oil : in the form of pearls, it is successfully used together with the raspberry bud extract  for all skin problems resulting from imbalances in the female hormonal system.
    The alpha linoleic acid contained in these plants, in fact, significantly improves the oxygenation and respiration of cells, lubricates the blood vessels and all the tissues of the body, improving their permeability. It can also be used on the skin to fight skin inflammations such as seborrheic dermatitis , eczema  and pimples. 
  • Burdock : is another natural remedy that promotes the correct physiology of the skin, thanks to its purifying and decongestant properties. Always known as the dermopathic plant par excellence , it is used for the treatment of dermatoses of various kinds. It is particularly effective in the treatment of pimples, dermatitis, eczema, seborrhea, dandruff and psoriasis .
    The presence of inulin , which has a draining and purifying action of the blood, favors the elimination of toxins , that is the “waste” of the various metabolic reactions of the organism. The result of good drainageit consists in an enhancement of hepatic and biliary activity, diuresis, intestinal transit and regulation of sebaceous secretion. 
  • Chlorella : Sometimes the intoxication of epidermal tissues is due to  a deeper intoxication  due to poor nutrition, heavy metal”poisoning”In these cases the Chlorella seaweed is an effective remedy that detoxifies the body and exerts a chelating action on heavy metals . It is effective both in the liver and in the intestine. It performs alkalizing activity, protecting the body from acidosis conditions that can also occur on the skin.
  • Vitamin E : also called  tocopherol , it is an essential nutrient for the well-being of the skin. It is a fat-soluble antioxidant that counteracts cellular oxidative damage . Taking it through food or supplements helps to activate the skin’s defense systems and accelerates recovery in the case of specific treatments, especially in case of excessive dryness .

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