Muscles, what measures to take to keep them healthy

Muscles, what measures to take to keep them healthy

We only think about muscles when we go to the gym, yet they are essential for our life. Let’s take care of their health, with some simple tricks.

Muscles, what measures to take to keep them healthy

It is always necessary to remember, the muscles of our body are not necessarily those “trophies” to be exhibited but above all they are elements of our body (over 600) that allow us to perform various vital functions (including the heartbeat).

It is therefore necessary to take good care of it . Even the less “flashy” ones. Exercise helps all muscles , but adequate nutrition is absolutely essential to keep them healthy. Here are some other tips to take to keep your muscles healthy.

Muscles, what measures to keep them healthy: what to do

Here are some tips to keep our muscles healthy:

> Do adequate physical activity : if you are not sporty, start with walking, which will gradually become more intense and faster. Or dance if you like.

> If you are already sporty, plan a balanced activity suitable for you: running or lost or swimming or other, as long as it is done in the right way, which is not at risk of strains or incorrect postures, as they can cause muscle damage. Yoga will do just fine too.

> For athletes: plan training sessions adapted to your level of physical preparation, interspersed with the right recovery times.

> Various types of sporting activities, in order to train all the muscles : arms (both), legs, abdomen, buttocks… do complete exercises for all parts of the body.

> Pamper your muscles: stretch properly before and after physical activity and, why not, indulge in massage from time to time . Massages improve the blood supply to the muscles, thus nourishing and strengthening them.

> Natural remedies for contractures and muscle health. The main ones are: arnica gel , excellent for bruises and as an anti-inflammatory, in local applications; lemon balm , for relaxing herbal teas with an anti-tension effect; spirulina algae for its richness in proteins. Any supplements of amino acids, proteins and minerals, only on the advice of sports and nutrition professionals.

> A correct diet : rich in whole grains , fresh and raw fruit and vegetables, proteins (from legumes , or eggs or Greek yogurt, or fish or white meats).

> Lastly, get enough sleep to allow the body to recover properly.

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Muscles, what measures to keep them healthy: what to avoid

There are some attitudes that can negatively affect muscle health in the long run. Better try to avoid them. Here are the main ones:

> Give in to laziness: a sedentary lifestyle does not help circulation, posture or muscle tone.
> An incorrect diet: rich in saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, sugars and low in proteins. No to alcohol.
> Drink little: water is essential for our body , essential for metabolism, including muscle.
> Avoid long fasts , especially if you “do it yourself”. They deplete the reserves of the body and will soon “empty” the muscles as well.
> No to cigarette smoking, to guarantee your muscles the correct supply of oxygen.
> Avoid overtraining, incorrect postures during exercises, activities not suited to your condition and physical preparation. Get advice from an expert on which one is best for you.

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