Natural horoscope August 2019

Natural horoscope August 2019

The August 2019 horoscope according to the astrological calendar, from 23 July to 23 August: the first horoscope in which astrological forecasts are intertwined with natural well-being. Find out more about your sign!


The August 2019 horoscope  is online with forecasts on the trend of the month, herbal and dietary advice, tips on body and movement, spiritual tips and reading and musical advice.  


In full harmony with the mood of summer, the first part of the August sky invites us to abandon ourselves to pleasure and leisure , and to put aside the theme of duty and work for a while. 


Venus and Mars in Leo will be the protagonists of the first two weeks of August, awakening in us  the love for beauty, for luxury and the mundane . 


Both will be the expression of a generous and blatant way of demonstrating passions and feelings. The risk of an excess of leonine energy is, of course, that of exaggerating: we must not forget in the sign of Leo it is the ego that guides behaviors and actions. 


We must therefore try to avoid the tendency to prevaricate , to the invasion of the space of others or to exasperated egocentrism. 


After mid-August the energy involved changes radically . Mars day 18 leaves the sign of Leo (where it passed from 1 July) to enter Virgo, where it will transit until 3 October. Following him immediately afterwards there will also be Venus, who enters Virgo on the 21st. 

The passage from the energy of fire to that of the earth indicates that rationality will prevail over instinct. A rationality, that of the Virgin, which evaluates, judges, separates, catalogs according to an ideal of perfection and improvement . 


If it is true that striving for perfection is important (because the ideal of perfection can make us achieve excellence), it is also true that an “excess” of perfection can turn into a hypercritical attitude, anxiety, unproductive immobility (this is not the case well, this is too much, too little, it takes more time, less time …). 


In the search for perfection , the risk is to always nitpick  and focus attention on what doesn’t work, rather than on what works. Therefore, with Mars in Virgo we will be able to witness  outbursts of anger due to the feeling of not reaching the standard that has been set for us.


Trying to use the energy of the planets in Virgo constructively means mainly striving for improvement, and therefore, where necessary, learning to better organize one’s time  by discarding all that is illogical, capricious and not founded on solid and rigorous foundations. In many cases we will have to find new ways of working and coping with work, especially the routine.   


The reorganization of everyday life also affects the way we take care of our body, health and nutrition. The sign of Virgo will help us understand what are the things that give us security and make us feel good and how to include them in our daily life.


Another important transit is that of Jupiter, which resumes direct motion on the 12th. After a period of bewilderment and disorientation, one finally begins to discern a broader sense in the experiences just lived . 


There will therefore be a renewal of strength and trust , which however must be accompanied by a rigorous planning of time and of one’s objectives. Despite Jupiter, finally it will be the details that this month will make the difference … 


August 2019 horoscope for Aries

You become master of your own destiny when you become master of yourself. This is the message that the sky of this 2019 wanted to deliver to you, a message that actually reached all the signs of the Zodiac albeit with different suggestions, because everyone has their own life, their own story, their own challenges to face.  

Being in control of yourself means no longer feeling at the mercy of the emotions , decisions of others, and for you in particular it means breaking free from a past that no longer represents you …


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August 2019 horoscope for Taurus

August begins with a bit of nervousness: with Venus, Mars and Mercury in quadrature your energy tone may not be the best. Issues concerning home and family relationships are targeted . 


Someone may be struggling with long-delayed renovations
that go on for a long time. Or, having to fight against the interference of relatives or family members in some personal projects. In more abstract terms, the August sky sees you fighting to  defend your spaces  against any form of invasion or interference …

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August 2019 horoscope for Gemini

Few planets against this month and several friendly ones, starting with Venus and Mars in Leo who protect your sign by guaranteeing you charm, security, energy. 


So start the month of August with an extra gear, because the strength and determination of the planets in Leo guarantees you that winning feeling of being able to face anything . To consolidate everything there will also be Mercury, who enters Leo on the 11th, an important support …


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August 2019 horoscope for Cancer

How many changes you have gone through and how far you have come, dear friends of Cancer! There was a time when you had the feeling of drifting, of not being the masters of your life, mainly because you were overwhelmed by your past, by unconscious fears that pushed you to accept emotionally unbearable situations, such as unrequited love. or an unfulfilling job … 


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August 2019 horoscope for Leo

Triumphal, so the stars that are in your sign will make you, welcomed by Venus and Mars, which already pass through you, remaining there until after mid-August, and from day 11 by Mercury who abandons the sign of Cancer to enter Leo. 

The transit of Mars in Leo is acting positively on your sign, because it is working on your willpower and your self-
 , making you feel energetic and determined… 

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August 2019 horoscope for Virgo

The key word that you must keep in mind in this beginning of August must be one: rest . To really feel good about yourself (and consequently with others) and enjoy the holidays available, it is essential that you avoid any program, deadline, or temporal norm in force in the life of human beings. 

If at first glance it may seem like a somewhat peremptory statement, (especially for you who live on programming), in reality, on closer inspection, not only is it not, but it is really what you need …


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August 2019 horoscope for Libra

It must be admitted: June and July were a bit tiring months. First the square of Mars, then the retrogradation of Mercury into Cancer, made the start of the summer a little too turbulent for your taste. 


There are many Libras who have been confronted from time to
time with old doubts and insecurities
 . A sky full of slowdowns, delays or simply characterized by a greater sense of mistrust and fatigue made it more difficult for you to manage the daily chores or everyday problems …


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August 2019 horoscope for Scorpio

A nervous month, that of August, to be “handled with care”. Due to Mercury, Venus and Mars in quadrature, the energy tone may not be the best. 


For those of you who are not yet on vacation, the first two weeks of August are objectively a bit tiring: tiredness mixed with a good dose of impatience and nervousness could make you more controversial and quarrelsome. The planets in Leo, in fact, could generate a rather heavy load of responsibility for you , not always easy to manage …


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August 2019 horoscope for Sagittarius

August at the top for you of Sagittarius who with Venus, Mars and Mercury in trine to the Sun, you are full of energy, security and charm to spare.


The energy of the planets in Leo is of great help because it seems to foster a certain serenity of mind and the drive to stay away from excessive
 . It is therefore a lighter sky than that of June and July which, due to the presence of Venus and Mercury Cancer, contributed to generating a jumble of
events and moods impossible to catalog …


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August 2019 horoscope for Capricorn

The month of August represents first of all the end of the opposition of Mercury, and this is already good news. Thus comes to an end a period full of mental fatigue, setbacks, delays and slowdowns that characterized a good part of July and that did not help you to experience the beginning of summer with serenity. 


The retrogradation of Mercury may have affected (but not compromised) your decision-making processes, leading you to speak with little prudence, or to say and decide things too hastily , and in some cases not very diplomatic …


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August 2019 horoscope for Aquarius

It starts a bit subdued this August. Work commitments, some emotional or family opposition, associated with a not exactly brilliant physical shape, make the first two weeks of the month a bit tiring. 


The planets responsible for these ups and downs are Mars, Venus and Mercury (from day 11) which are opposed to your Sun. These are therefore somewhat demanding days, both professionally and emotionally …


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August 2019 horoscope for Pisces

Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are the planets that more than all the others have exercised (and continue to do so) in this 2019 an important influence on your sign, especially if you belong to the second decade. 


In fact, the two planets, in addition to being your planetary Masters, are found in their primary domiciles , (i.e. they are found in the signs that best represent the function of the two planets), which is quite rare and singular, and for this very reason of great importance. … 

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