Eyes, ailments and all remedies

Eyes, ailments and all remedies

The eyes are sense organs, equal and symmetrical, placed anteriorly in the skull.  

Together they form the visual apparatus and are connected to the brain by the optic nerves, 30 Meibonium glands and the lacrimal glands.

Extremely delicate, the eyes can be affected by various ailments, which can be treated with natural remedies. Let’s find out better.

>   Anatomical description of the eyes

>   Natural treatments and therapies

>   Yoga for  the eyes

>   Traditional Chinese Medicine

>   Other disciplines for  the eyes

>   Curiosities about the eyes

Eyes, anatomy and structure

Anatomical description of the eyes

The eyes are divided into different parts by structure, fabric and functions. We find 3 different cassocks:

  • Fibrous cassock , consisting of the cornea and sclera ;
  • Vascular tunic , with anterior iris (perforated by the pupillary hole, or pupil), ciliary body (inside which the ciliary muscle that moves the lens attaches) and chorioid ;
  • Nervous tunic or retina , consisting of the Jacob’s membrane (or layer of cones and rods), the bipolar cell layer and the multipolar cell layer.

The light hits the retinal receptors and these transform the images into stimuli which, after passing through the optic nerves , reach the brain.

Natural eye treatments and therapies

The most common sight defects are refraction (due to the alteration of the eyeball or lens): myopia (the image is in focus in front of the retina), hyperopia (the image would be in focus behind the retina) , astigmatism (light is refracted differently depending on the wavelength), presbyopia (the image tends to be in focus behind the retina).

To see well it is necessary to re- educate the eye , not to indulge in a laziness that glasses and contact lenses exacerbate. The Bates method is a very effective visual re-education technique, based on simple exercises. To get to know him better, we recommend a couple of texts:

–  “Perfect sight without glasses”  where William Horatio Bates himself tells the story of how he came, through rigorous scientific experimentation, to discover and explain the true mechanism of vision and how the eyes work on the basis of the facts collected. The practical application of the principles of his discovery, described and amply demonstrated through the many “impossible” cases of patients healed with the most diverse vision problems, led to what was then called the “Bates method” or “system Bates “;

–  “The Bates method and eye re-education”  by Christopher Markert : the book introduces the technique and describes simple exercises to significantly improve eye health.

If then, beyond the correction of visual defects, we move on to list some plants that are friendly to the eyes , which reduce any swelling, mitigate dark circles , improve the elasticity of the delicate area that is the eye contour, we cannot fail to mention blueberry , chamomile and euphrasia . _

You can learn more about the properties of jackfruit, which is useful for sight

Jackfruit, use and ownership



Eye yoga is a specific type of yoga, one of the many variations of a discipline that lends itself to versatility partly for its total therapeutic aspect, partly for the long history that this discipline brings with it.

There is also the third eye in the yogic tradition . The mind has been created and constantly regenerates itself thanks to the encounter between spirit and karma; thought, like any manifest form, is pure energy.

The third eye is the door through which our interior connects with what lives around us. The subject is very delicate, complex and requires adequate yogic, tantric, Zen or traditional Chinese medicine preparation . There are specific exercises to activate the glands, a process that requires good practice, intense, constant and adherent to one’s person.

Ayurveda also has special eye care , some taken from yoga practice, with eye washes, decongestant remedies, compresses, but also paying attention to lifestyle and nutrition.

Try these exercises and natural eye creams

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine, the brightness and clarity of the eyes are indicators of the state of the two energies known as Shen and Jing . Clear and alive eyes indicate a state of good vitality in the individual, while dull and dull eyes are synonymous with psychological problems that have long been settled. Visual function is related to the Liver and various parts of the iris are associated with different organs.

For example, red sclera indicate Heat in the Lungs, the inside of the eyelids white instead of light red indicates possible anemia, or the yellow inside the eyelids means jaundice.

Other disciplines for eye care

A whole discipline, iridology, focuses on the study of the iris to identify disorders and possible healing therapies that differ from individual to individual.

The iridological analysis allows the naturopath to have a picture of the organism and of the disorders in terms of psycho-physical alteration processes, often revealing pathologies of which one is not aware.

This can lead to an indication for further diagnostic studies or rather to practical advice, such as proper nutrition and lifestyle.

The interpretation of the iris is based primarily on the evaluation of the subject’s history; subsequently, through a device called an iridoscope, it is possible to view and photograph the iris, interpreting its characteristics in the presence of the person.

The iridological analysis is a painless and non-invasive diagnostic method that allows to have indications on the vital energy of the subject, on his ability to recover and on the degree of intoxication of the organism. These are fundamental aspects for the naturopath, whose aim is to stimulate the processes of self-healing .

In the field of fitness and movement there is a specific discipline which is called ocular gymnastics and provides targeted exercises to correct defects, relax the extra-ocular muscles, rest one of the most precious resources we have.

Also discover homeopathic remedies for eye ailments

Curiosities about the eyes

For the Greeks, wisdom is closely linked to sight . Oraow is the verb, id- is the root used to form the aorist, time that expresses the idea of ​​the past. Hence the concept that having seen, one knows, one truly and deeply knows (\ id => oida => “so” for “having seen”). Think about it when you get an idea .

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