Losing weight effectively: what to bet on?

Losing weight effectively: what to bet on?

Lose Weight Effectively: Does it just mean losing weight while on a diet, in your opinion? Well, no. The biggest stumbling block of all is not being able to lose weight, but keep losing it and then keep the results. From the first initial pounds that make us electrified and say wow to the loss of our overweight to the moment of truth : will I be able to stay at my ideal weight forever? Here’s what it means to lose weight effectively: lose weight once and for all, without having to go back on a diet . Are there any strategies to do this?
According to a study that analyzed ten thousand people who had lost weight over the years without regaining it, the answer is yes.Here is what ten thousand people have done to be able to lose weight effectively and not gain a pound again in the five years following their weight loss journey.

1) Review your diet:
 98% of people who have not gained weight have done so. For some, it meant reviewing fats and reducing calories from lighter recipes; for others, reduce carbohydrates, limiting sweets and baked goods or cereals. The best approach is subjective, but it is important to understand that they have never reverted to the old diet.
2) Increase physical activity : 94% of people followed by scientists did it. And what activity allowed them not to gain weight and was it done every day? Simple: walk. 3) Exercise at least one hour a day:

between walks and more intense activities, 90% of people who have lost weight forever stay active for an hour a day.
4) Have breakfast: to have breakfast yes or no? Well, it won’t really be the most important meal of the day, but apparently 78% of people who maintain their ideal weight do it every day.
5) Weigh yourself once a week: this is the good habit of 75% of people who have never gained weight. One reason could lie in the fact that, if the scale goes up, you get back on track with a few days of more marked restriction.
6) Watch less TV:it’s the good habit that 62 percent of people got, who started watching it less than ten hours a week. The reason? I tell you more than one. It makes us more sedentary, often leads us to eat in front of the TV, if until late at night it disturbs sleep, ruining weight loss.
Implementing these six things could be the key to turning your diet into a winning strategy. 

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