Foods that don’t make you sleepy revealed

Foods that don’t make you sleepy revealed

An observational study conducted on a female sample found a correlation between the consumption of certain foods in the evening and insomnia.

According to the study, in fact, there are foods that do not make you sleep and which are obviously not those that contain nerve or exciting substances (coffee, tea, chocolate) where the causality between intake and insomnia is certain, because they act on the nervous system. Unlike stimulants, these foods would worsen insomnia by acting on hormones instead.


The study, conducted by researchers from Columbia University in New York on the basis of data from the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study , therefore a sample of 60,000 women on average, compared the action of certain foods on the risk of insomnia. The foods considered range from dairy products and cheeses to fruits, vegetables and foods with a low or high glycemic index.

The results are as follows.

Refined high-glycemic foods such as table sugar, white rice, overcooked pasta, cakes, biscuits and puffed cereals or fruit juices have been found to cause greater insomnia when consumed at dinner.

On the contrary, whole fruit (of any type and regardless of its glycemic load), vegetables and foods rich in fiber, such as whole grains, promote better and longer sleep. Let’s try to understand why. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO )

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