Dr. Petre’s 12-week diet

Dr. Petre’s 12-week diet

Cardiologist and specialist in Obesity and Weight Loss, Dr. Luiza Petre has developed a 12-week diet to increase metabolism and promote the loss of body fat. In this article we see what tips you can easily extrapolate from Dr. Petre’s 12-week diet , and how to put them into practice to achieve similar results: higher metabolism and consequent weight loss in 3 months, without regaining the weight lost thanks to maintenance.

For a higher metabolism and weight loss without regaining weight
1) The diet is divided into phases.
In the first two weeks , depending on your daily caloric needs, you need to eat for a minimum of 1200 (woman) and a maximum of 1500 calories (man). At least 800 calories must come from protein sources such as eggs, fish, lean meats. At least 100 calories must come from nuts, avocados, olive oil. The rest from vegetable carbohydrates for a total of 300-500 calories maximum: any vegetable is allowed, including beets, pumpkin, carrots. Excluded: fruit, cereals, legumes.
2) 14 hours must pass between breakfast and dinner.
3) It is necessary to avoid dairy products and cheeses, keep an eye on the calories of food (see point one), avoid sweeteners.
4) It is necessary to take ten thousand steps a day.
5) Tea, turmeric, ginger and fermented products must be included in the diet.
In weeks from the third to the tenth
 , 100 (woman) to 200 (man) calories of fibrous foods such as artichokes, lentils, peas, chia seeds, broccoli, leeks and onions are added to the plan, for a total of 2 or 4 (woman / man) small portions per day.

In weeks 11 to 12 , two portions of fruit of your choice and a portion of carbohydrates are added for a total of 400 calories.This allows us to consume about 150 grams of fruit and 40 grams of whole grains or 55 grams of wholemeal bread or about 200 grams of tubers.
From the thirteenth week onwards, the carbohydrate quota is slightly increased depending on the case: you can start by adding 320 grams of whole carbohydrates or a slice of bread, and allowing yourself one free meal a week. By keeping an eye on the weight and doing adequate physical activity, we arrive at the right maintenance.

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