What happens to your body after 4 months on a vegan diet

What happens to your body after 4 months on a vegan diet

Less than 4 months of a vegan diet, or 16 weeks in all, would lead to important changes in the intestinal bacterial flora. And the consequences in our body would be numerous.

This is explained by a study that will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD)  held in September in Barcelona. The study was led by Dr. Hana Kahleova and colleagues, a member of the Washington, United States Committee of Physicists for Responsible Medicine.

What happens to your body after 4 months on a vegan diet: the study

The researchers’ goal was to see how the intestinal flora changed in people who agreed to follow a vegan diet for 4 months. And in particular if this change in the bacterial flora affects the following parameters.

  • Body weight
  • Body composition (ratio of lean, fat and water mass)
  • Insulin Resistance.

The study was therefore conducted on a sample of overweight and obese people. In particular, it is a good study because of the 147 people involved, most of them were women, that is 86%. Furthermore, the average age of the participants was about 50 years.
It is therefore a very interesting study, also for the criteria with which the changes were determined, which are very avant-garde.
The sample was divided into two groups. The group that followed the 4-month vegan diet achieved the following results.

Reduction in body weight with an average weight lost between 5 and 8 kilos.
Reduced fat mass of 3.9 kilos on average in particular for visceral fat.
Increased insulin sensitivity.

From the point of view of the intestinal flora, the 4 months of vegan diet increased the levels of the bacterium Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, associated in previous studies with lower body weight and of Bacteoides fragilis, associated with lower body fat.

Small clarification. The vegan diet used in the study was natural (not industrial products) and, more importantly, low fat. Therefore, nuts and seeds, avocados and seasoning oils were limited.
An example of this diet is therefore the Starch Solution Method , whose menu you can find here . Both in flexitarian version (few foods of animal origin) and vegan.

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