Dr. Milks’ diet for lowering cholesterol

Dr. Milks’ diet for lowering cholesterol

A cardiologist recently published a long article explaining the diet to lower cholesterol naturally and without resorting to statins. Dr. Wesley Milks , a cardiologist at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, outlined the cholesterol-lowering diet that has allowed many of his patients to avoid medication.

In this article I translate Dr. Milks’ diet to reduce cholesterol for you, with the specific menu to vary with the foods listed.


  • Breakfast

    150 grams of skimmed white Greek yogurt (also delactosed) or soybean or 150 grams of skimmed cottage cheese or skimmed quark cheese.
    One Fitness cereal bar or three tablespoons of oat flakes or one of oat germ. 100 grams of banana or 200 ml of orange or pomegranate juice.

  • Only on Sundays: pancakes of 100 ml of whipped egg whites with two teaspoons of oat germ and half a banana + a pinch of baking soda. Cook in a non-stick pan and serve with a teaspoon of jam.

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