Change your weight loss routine in the fall in 10 steps

Change your weight loss routine in the fall in 10 steps

How to lose weight in the fall and find yourself 6 or 7 kilos lighter until December?

Today we see 10 things that will allow you to change your weight loss routine in a simple and effective way, without too much effort if done all together. A little challenge that you can do and that will allow you to have results without a precise weight loss plan.


    1. Avoid alcohol.

      Even when you are out for dinner completely avoid drinking alcohol.

    2. Dance for half an hour a day.

      This is a very effective way to lose weight without even realizing it. Create a music compilation that makes you want to dance and dance freely as if no one is watching you. On the one hand you burn calories, on the other hand dancing freely reduces your stress.

      If you need a base to move, upload these videos from youtube and put them in full screen on your pc or tablet without sound. Then play your favorite music. Guaranteed results. The videos are one , two , three ,  four, five . They are all made by personal trainer Simone de La Rue.

    3. Replace your evening meal with one of these diet soups Monday through Friday.

      They are practical, you can do them in advance, they are all low in calories and rich in seasonal vegetables. Download the free guide on Dcomedieta soups and click on the links at the end of the page for the recipes.

    4. On Sundays and Saturdays, do this little 5-minute workout.

      In addition to step two, do this short but intense workout of just 5 minutes

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